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(Short Answer is NO)PETA has an article on their website that states why zoos are unethical.

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Wild animals thrive in the wilderness. Any attempt to remove them from their natural habitat for keeping people entertained is unethical. Instead of building zoos, the government should develop wild life sanctuaries and national parks. The general public interested in seeing animals can go on guided jungle safaris. The thrill that one experiences when one sees a lion or tiger in the jungle cannot be explained in words. Zoos do not provide that kind of excitement or adrenaline rush.

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what about the rest of the zoos?"
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However, any intelligent person knows that the basic needs of all living things are to eat, sleep, and reproduce, all three of which zoo animals get (unless the zoo is completely renegade).
What's interesting is that none of the sources with this information give a statistic on
how many
of these animals actually do this, let alone how many do it "because they are depressed".
The Animal Welfare Act
The Animal Welfare Act was established in 1966 and has been amended numerous times since its creation.

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To ignore the part zoos have to play here would be dishonest, and to pretend that there is any practical source of funds to support this vital work other than paying guests is disingenuous. When government and taxation won’t even pay up to support the poorest in society, it seems unlikely they’ll fork out for the protection of the . If not you, through your taxes – then the zoo?

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Therefore, zoos should be banned

Where this idea comes from is unknown.

The Issue
Many believe that all zoos should be banned because of the mistreatment of animals that occurs at some of them.

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When I was a child, watching animals doing tricks at a circus was acceptable. Now, in response to growing popular concern about the cruelty of using animals in entertainment, many countries ban using animals in circus acts, and animal-free circuses are becoming more common. I hope it’s only a matter of time before, in the same spirit, we reimagine zoos.

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Why Are Zoos So Bad?
According to various sources, one of the main selling points as to why zoos should be banned is because of the psychological effects that being in captivity can have on an animal.