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They are especially critical readers/viewers of both the written/signed and/or visual mass media.

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Bing, Jonathan. "The Ascendance of Don DeLillo." 11 Aug. 1997: 261-63. Discusses the marketing of , including commentsfrom Gordon Lish and Nan Graham. DeLillo himself talks about "writersin opposition," the relationship between history and fiction,his career, writing, the "two levels of violence" inmodern life, the power of the media, and the composition of .The article also tells us who edited each novel and mentions DeLillo'soriginal screenplay, . Lorin Stein's "TheCrying of Oct. 29," a short article accompanying the mainone, discusses the bidding for 's print and filmrights.

The editing process also includes checking writing/signing for coherence of ideas and cohesion of structure.

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Nadotti, Maria. "An Interview with Don DeLillo."Translated by Peggy Boyers. Edited by Don DeLillo. 100 (Fall 1993): 86-97. (First appeared in Italian, in the Italianmagazine .) DeLillo comments upon ,crowds and the individual, women and men, fact and fiction, Libraand JFK, contemporary American writers, and his preference forthe typewriter.

Learners are critical, reflective and responsive readers and/or viewers of written/signed and visual texts.

LeClair, Thomas. "An Interview with Don DeLillo." 23.1 (1982): 19-31. Rpt. in .Edited by Thomas LeClair and Larry McCaffery. Urbana: U. of IllinoisPress, 1983. 79-90. (Interview conducted in Athens, in 1979.)The first major interview addresses a variety of important topics,including: DeLillo's reluctance to reveal his biography, games,language, film, Zen, methods of writing, and all of his worksto date.

Therefore, reading and writing/presenting outcomes take on a different form, that is, a receptive and productive competence.

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The intended reader, listeners, or viewers of a particular text - in planning a piece of writing/signing learners (speakers/signers/writers/presenters) must take into consideration the purpose and audience in choosing an appropriate form of writing/signing.

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---. . New York: Penguin, 1989. Back cover."This is a writer whose work shines with intelligence andoriginality.... He blends modern surfaces with 19th-century interiors....Yet he puts his storytelling techniques at the service of a verycontemporary novel."

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Hustvedt, Siri. . New York: W. W. Norton,1993. Back cover. "This is a work of dizzying intensity -completely urban and modern but working at the reader's emotionswith the undistanced intimacy of a traditional tale. An intriguingand sure-handed debut by a writer of eloquent and vivid disposition."