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KEYWORDS: family therapy experiential approach Satir Whitaker humanism existentialism.

Experiential Learning - Term Paper

This way, by reenacting these relationships, the individual is able to re-experience them and as a result bring out the emotions that may have been repressed within the individual. This makes the primary focus of the therapy be freeing the individual from the problems that may have developed inside, as opposed to the multi-generational therapy whereby the primary goal is to get rid of the problem, preventing it to move to the next generation as opposed to freeing the individual.

Village Three emphasizes experiential learning as a basis for group consciousness raising….

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At AT we use a variety of tactics to encourage and facilitate faculty members' use of active learning spaces and technology. We start by actively engaging faculty in the design process; this helps us develop lasting partnerships and create system interfaces that are as seamless as possible. We also offer targeted workshops that feature "visioning" of how new technologies can help faculty attain learning outcomes and create customized hands-on learning activities. In addition, we partner with leading faculty members who have embraced new technologies, asking them to demonstrate how they have successfully used them to facilitate learning. This has proven effective in increasing adoption rates among more reluctant faculty. Finally, we have found that giving faculty members new pilot devices to test within their classroom environments encourages adoption.

Houle, C. (1980) Continuing Learning in the Professions, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Davenport University implements experiential learning projects throughout its many programs. These projects are designed to take the skills learned in class beyond the classroom; rather than relying only on standard testing and lectures, these projects require students to gain experience in real situations. Community businesses also have the opportunity to benefit from they provide access to students as a community resource.

Village Two focuses on experiential learning as a basis for bringing change in the structures… of post-school education….

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Knowledge gained from recently constructed active learning spaces is best exemplified by the School of Nursing project. The Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab was built on an existing lab that was created in 2009 and had many technological limitations. Because its technology was not seamlessly integrated, the earlier lab could not fully simulate a hospital environment. For example:

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Weil, S. Warner & McGill, I. (eds.) (1989) , Milton Keynes: Open University Pres s. The texts on experiential learning tend to be rather atheoretical (and often precious). This text doesn’t totally escape this – but has a number of useful contributions.

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Kolb, D. A. (1984) , Englewood Cliffs, NJ.: Prentice Hall. 256 pages. Full statement and discussion of Kolb’s ideas concerning experiential learning. Chapters deal with the foundation of contemporary approaches to experiential learning; the process of experiential learning; structural foundations of the learning process; individuality in learning and the concept of learning styles; the structure of knowledge; the experiential learning theory of development; learning and development in higher education; lifelong learning and integrative development.


Keeton, M. T. (ed.) (1976) Experiential Learning, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Ageing but still useful collection. See, in particular, Coleman’s contrasting of information assimilation with experiential learning.

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Johnson, D. W. and Johnson, F. P. (1996) Joining Together: Group theory and group skills, 6e., Boston, Mass.: Allyn and Bacon. 612 pages. Rightly popular practical groupwork guide with plenty of examples and exercises, plus some good foundational chapters. It was one of the first texts to pick up on Kolb and to link experiential learning with the work around groups by Lewin and others. Chapters on group dynamics; experiential learning; group goals and social independence; communications within groups; leadership; decision making; controversy and creativity; conflicts of interest, the uses of power; dealing with diversity; leading learning and discussion groups; leading growth and counselling groups; and team development, team training.