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Whats this ive created
i feel ive been run over with a train, for he is always saying "this you do" and then to my surprise, i do it to!!
yes yoda lives inside my head, around my house and under my bed,
So Odysseus saw his large opening
Why do I have to write a poem when
You die in your hypocratic democracy
I hate you
I like cooked shrimp
I love you
Like an alien plague seeping slowly into all we hold sacred
Nives with her curly hair
oh what a day
The frost of fallen Thursday empires on the carpark floor
like a wild mustang
he ran thru glade and fen
I like big butt
I wondre what orange
male desire hits the floor every time it hits the sky
It was the cat’s birthday and he decided to have a party.

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Robert Burns is Scotland's best known poet, and much of his work remains popular today. A Red Red Rose is a common theme for analysis papers, and contains a lot of good material to write on, but it isn't a long poem and at first it can seem difficult to find a place to start. Here are a few tips on how to write a good paper about it.

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The poem uses two main literary devices - simile and metaphor. The first stanza contains two similes, comparing the narrator's love for a woman to a red rose and to a song played in summer. The second stanza begins with another simile - comparing his love to the woman's beauty - then moves into metaphor; when he says he will love her until the seas go dry he does not mean this literally, but is making a dramatic comparison. The third stanza continues this, adding two more metaphors - the rocks melting from the sun and the sands of time. The final stanza is a promise that he will return.

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