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For this reason, many hackers have adopted the label‘geek’ as a badge of pride — it's a way of declaringtheir independence from normal social expectations (as well as afondness for other things like science fiction and strategy games thatoften go with being a hacker). The term 'nerd' used to be used thisway back in the 1990s, back when 'nerd' was a mild pejorative and'geek' a rather harsher one; sometime after 2000 they switched places,at least in U.S. popular culture, and there is now even a significantgeek-pride culture among people who aren't techies.

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If you ask me personally for advice on how to getstarted, I will tell you these exact same things, because I don't haveany magic shortcuts for you. I will also mentally write you off as aprobable loser - because if you lacked the stamina to read this FAQand the intelligence to understand from it that , you'rehopeless.

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The hacker culture (and the engineering development of theInternet, for that matter) is run by volunteers. There's a lot ofnecessary but unglamorous work that needs done to keep itgoing — administering mailing lists, moderating newsgroups,maintaining large software archive sites, developing RFCs and othertechnical standards.

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Analyze how you might affect social change through popular culture creation, consumption, and critical analysis.
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I'll assume you have a personal computer or can get access toone. (Take a moment to appreciate how much that means. The hackerculture originally evolved back when computers were so expensive thatindividuals could not own them.) The single most important step anynewbie can take toward acquiring hacker skills is to get a copy ofLinux or one of the BSD-Unixes, install it on a personal machine, andrun it.

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