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Every paragraph in 5-paragraph essay has it's own purpose that you should know well. Your first paragraph will be an introduction where author usually draws in his audience. It is pretty difficult to make your readers like the paper from the first sentences, and in most cases this talent comes to you with practice. You should present your topic using it’s strongest sides and explain to the reader why it can be interesting for him. Introductory paragraph usually contains a thesis statement. This is where you tell your solid point in a very accurate manner. Make sure your thesis statement is strong enough and composed beautifully.

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After you have composed your thesis statement – think about three supporting points that you will use to defend the main idea of the essay. Do a research in order to find interesting examples or facts that can support your thesis. In the second paragraph you can use your personal experience or a real story that happened to you and that support your main statement. Every supporting paragraph should be logically completed and present a certain point. Write it like a separate essay but do not forget to link it logically with other essay parts.

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