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With his words, Wordsworth makes this message perpetual and everlasting....

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Brigham FRAIL MEMORIALS: "ESSAYS UPON EPITAPHS" AND WORDSWORTH'S ECONOMY OF REFERENCE Decades after the French Revolution, Destutt de Tracy, who coined the word "ideology," remained an unswerving advocate of universal grammar, linguistic perfectibility, and epistemological clarity.

Wordsworth sees the beauty in London and Blake sees only the ugliness.

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Specifically William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge have written many poems that have dealt with great emotions and imagination but they do not exclude the society or common man in their imaginations.

Alexander Pope's 'Essay on Man', William Wordsworth's 'Ode: Intimations of Immortality', and Samuel Beckett's 'End Game'.

In order to imply a connection between nature and the human mind, Wordsworth uses the technique of identification and comparison whereas Coleridge does the opposite in 'The Ancient Mariner' and 'Kubla Khan'....

Wordsworth was not a Taoist, of course, but his poetry nonetheless reflects much of the Taoist position on beauty and harmony.

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Reading the poems of both
Wordsworth and Coleridge, one immediately notes a difference in the
common surroundings presented by Wordsworth and the bizarre creations
of Coleridge.

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I will look at differences and similarities concerning people?s
relationship to nature in poems by Coleridge and Wordsworth such as:
?The Ancient Mariner?, ?Kubla Khan?, ?The Nightingale,?

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Coleridge underlines the tragic,
supernatural and sublime aspect of nature, while Wordsworth uses
anecdotes of everyday life and underlines the serene aspect of nature.

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"Because men hourly communicate with the best objects from which the best object is derived; and because, from their rank in society and the sameness of their intercourse, being less influence of social vanity they convey their feelings and notions in simple and unelaborated expressions."(143) Wordsworth was obviously not as subvert as he was accused to be since he wrote the ballads that followed this preface with these men in mind.

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I think
that Coleridge poem can be compared with Turner and his apocalyptic
view of nature, and Wordsworth can be compared to Constable with his
peaceful landscape of English countryside.

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Unlike many of his other poems, which reveal the ability to experience and access nature in an innocent state, "Nutting" depicts Wordsworth's inability as a young boy to fully appreciate nature, causing him to destroy it....

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William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge are no different from the other Romantic poets, and their works abound with references to nature and its correlation to humanity....