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At one point in history women were not allowed to vote or carry the same positions as men in work.

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I think some Black women are afraid to ask for what they want. I believe there is a fear of losing a partner and so the woman often does everything she can not to "rock the boat". Unfortunately, by not asking for what she wants, she ends up not being fully satisfied. I think someone feel like not having a commitment through marriage makes the relationship more manageable for the male, and consequently, her expectations can diminish in case he doesn't "do the right thing". Either of these situations leave women vulnerable economically, and otherwise. It is important to know why you have made certain decisions and what they mean for you both now and the future implications.

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We must boost more women onto the top rungs of corporate management and make equality for women a central issue in business. To do this, the Feminist Majority Foundation urges the implementation of direct action strategies to explode the myths about women in business, to gender balance corporate boards, senior management and the boards of professional associations and unions, to organize feminist networks and caucuses to help break the 'glass ceiling,' and to encourage women to take legal action to challenge sex discrimination.

A lot of the young professional Black women that I know found their mates while in college or grad school. That is a window of time in which you are surrounded by peers who are supposedly "like-minded." When you leave the bubble of academia, social settings shift to work, church, clubs, etc. The terrain is bigger and not as limited in scope. So it's not that Black women aren't meeting Black men - it's that it becomes harder to filter/sift through all that's out there to find someone who meets that woman's individual needs.

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Majorities of black women said both racism and sexism remain big problems in America, according to the Post-Kaiser survey. Nearly half of black women also said they are at least somewhat worried about being a victim of discrimination.

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Our sense of double consciousness remains. This will always be a juggling act for Black women- understanding the reality of the socitety and history that informs how we are treated AND the power we individually possess to define ourselves for ourselves. Self-actualization is critical but discrimination cannot be ignored.

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How many women participated in the study and how were the participants chosen?Do the participants represent a cross-section of African-American women from all regions andincome, educational, socio-economic, achievement, etc. levels?How can I get a copy of the survey report/results/publication?

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Even if gender balance rules are not immediately adopted, raising the issue will call attention to the severe under-representation of women in decision-making positions in business.

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I think this is an important issue for Black women. Stress has so many consequences in terms of how we respond to our life circumstances and all around us. Sometimes we don't even know how stressed we actually are and have not identified signs to look for. I believe that weight-related issues are often tied to stress and not having a healthy balance in our lives. Good question!

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Even if gender balance rules are not immediately adopted, raising the issue will call attention to the severe under-representation of women in decision-making positions in business.