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Graduates must earn passing scores on Georgia certification tests in secondary mathematics in order to be recommended for teacher certification in the state of Georgia. Other vocational opportunities include careers in actuarial sciences, computer modeling and applications, and optimization and control theory; academic positions in high schools and colleges; or further professional schooling in law, business, or medicine.

An exhibition of work prior to graduation prepares students for professional sculptural activities and/or application to graduate school.

Importance of Education in the Modern World.

Even where families are willing to invest in their daughters’ schooling, discrimination in the labor market can make investing in boys before girls a rational economic decision. In developing countries, women earn less than men even if they have the same education and experience, so the economic returns to individuals mean that boys’ schooling is inevitably seen as a better investment. The disparity is magnified by the fact that women tend to have less access to financial capital and less secure claims to financial capital and other assets than men. This perspective does not, of course, take into account the social benefits of girls’ education, but economic gains are a powerful driver of family decisions, particularly in poorer societies.

Associate Professor Maric Boudreau wants her students to understand how data can transform businesses and help promote sustainability.

The curriculum provides (1) a strong foundation in both the basic and applied sciences; (2) an understanding of the interconnectedness of the sciences; and (3) practical work experiences in urban environmental and agricultural arenas. All of these develop practical knowledge and problems-solving skills so students can make informed decisions on the urban agricultural and environmental issues of tomorrow.

Jeb Byers, Associate Professor in the Odum School of Ecology, encourages his students to get involved–both in his classes and in research.

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The curriculum is designed to help students better understand the human dimension when managing natural resources: significant historical developments, services and programs, recreational impacts, and the importance of sustainable development. Courses are available in forestry, soils and hydrology, renewable resources, outdoor recreation, environmental interpretation, wilderness management, parks and ecotourism management, and others. Students are encouraged to pursue study abroad opportunities to build practical real-world skills and field experience.

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Susan Wilde, an assistant professor in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, views teaching, research and service as highly interrelated and complementary efforts.

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The natural resource management and sustainability major is suited for students interested in natural resource management, but who seek a more flexible curriculum. The curriculum provides a combination of knowledge and skills in biological and ecological sciences, natural resource management and social sciences needed to address complex natural resource challenges. The major has two areas of emphasis from which students can choose:

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''The beauty of music is that it allows you to communicate with people all over the world without having necessarily to speak the language of the country you are visiting. Music has taken me to all corners of the planet and allows me to enjoy my work worldwide. My career as a performer has always transplanted to my studio teaching, trying to help the students to perform and extend their performing abilities nationally and internationally. UGA has wonderful activities to take part in, but performing at the Performing Arts Center is a rewarding experience with its wonderful acoustics and design. UGA is very fortunate to have this performance space...''

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Students holding a B.A. in Music are prepared to enter a variety of fields. The degree provides a foundation for studio teaching, music business, arts administration, performance, and church music. Students also pursue graduate study in music or other disciplines that accept a general liberal arts degree for entry.