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Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg is encouraging seventh and eighth graders to enter the 14th annual “Why I Want to Go to College” writing contest for a chance to win a Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (NEST) scholarship and a ticket to the May 1 Storm Chasers game at Werner Park in Papillion.

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So Blockchain is changing how we do business and will probably also affect our lives. But what is Blockchain and why is it so important? Since I am incorporating the Blockchain in my research for my PhD at UTS, I thought it was a good exercise to try to explain it to you, with the help of a great infographic I came across.

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My consulting practice is called for a reason. The applicant needs to show the Admissions committee that he or she are uniquely positioned for their school, that there is an ideal match between their programs, student body, extra-curricular activities, and environment and the applicant’s interests, skill set, goals, values and personality. Your son or daughter’s application goal should simply be to persuade the admissions department to offer acceptance. Why are your student and College X made for each other?

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Answering this essay question with well-researched content on programs will set your student apart. Why? Because many applicants won’t do this. They are answering the question superficially, not thinking through who their target audience is, perhaps saying what they would say to their friends about the city, the weather, the sports record, or the social scene at a given university. They won’t go the second mile and go beyond the obvious.