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This is really hard for me because I do not want to become a teacher

This is why I want to become a teacher

In all honestly, you will scoff and ignore this, but the source of trouble for Jew’s in the 21st Century will be China. The Chinese want revenge for the Opium genocide visited upon them. Sure various whites may of sold opium at the harbors, but the high profiled Sassoon family, controlled and operated, all the key points of internal delivery and sales of a drug that almost destroyed one of the oldest civilizations still in existence. Remember the Chinese proverb “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”, why do the Chinese seek to keep Jew’s the closest to them?

In summary I have told you what has led me to want to become a teacher and exactly why I want to become a teacher.

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There is something going on that is not being addressed. It is the ways that jewish people conduct business and negotiate . They always want a little extra or drive extra hard bargains , more than other cultures would do. After a time people’s collective memory brings this to the surface, recognize how they have been treated unfairly. True Jews were not allowed to own land, but they could always rent land and farm it . They always went to the businesses that were most lucrative. This is what I have gleaned from extensive reading. Only a small percentage of Jews are doing this and making a bad impression. It is part of the culture to behave this way. Apparently Jewish people are more intelligent. The only way I understand this could have happened is by selection. I read that this happened because Jewish people would always want a “smart” spouse. The less intelligent Jews , left the culture, became christian or other. This is why the Jewish populations is not increasing in the same way as the general population in Europe.

Specifically speaking I will tell you what has led me to this decision and why I want to become a teacher....

I wanted to be like them, to be able to do what they could do, and yet I understood that I would have to forge my own style of teaching that would draw on my strengths, knowledge, skills, values and experiences.

It's hard to put into words all the reasons why I want to be a teacher

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Too young, and with no real context as an elementary school student to appreciate what my teachers personally derived from what they were doing, it wasn't until middle school that I began to think that I might want to be a teacher.

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I want to be an English teacher to counteract all the previous teachers I had who did not allow my creativity to flow. I want to be an English teacher who presents more creative lessons than “read a book and write an essay”. I ask, how many times can a seventeen year-old analyze The Scarlet Letter, picking apart every part of Hester Prynne, like we were those condemning her adultery? How can a person take a beautiful piece of writing and deconstruct it into gerunds, prepositions, and adverbials? How can someone who is supposed to appreciate language, knock you for being too passionate, almost aggressive in your speech? How can someone who is supposed to love English with a fiery passion do these things to his or her class to their impressionable students?