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Why Communism is Bad: Simplified… For an Intellectual

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Why Communism is Bad: Simplified… For an Intellectual ..

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There is minor disagreement among scholars with regard to the motivation behind the next several steps undertaken by the Bolshevik-led government. Some of the scholars, whose views are well articulated by Richard Pipes (2001), argue that the dictatorship and totalitarian regime established in Russia in 1918 represented the original intent of Lenin and his supporters. Another group of researchers and Lenin’s biographers, however, maintain that Lenin’s ideal of a workers’ democratic state was shattered against the harsh reality of civil war and foreign intervention that engulfed Russia shortly after the Bolshevik-controlled Soviets took power (Hesli, 2007). Whatever Lenin’s original intent was, in 1918 in his famous work The Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky (Lenin, 1969), he completely discarded any possibility of achieving the communist ideals through a peaceful democratic process, conveniently forgetting that in their last years, Marx and especially Engels came to recognize that possibility.

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For more than 2 years after the November revolution, Russia was engulfed by civil war. Coupled with the Bolsheviks’ War Communism—a program of forced nationalization, grain requisitions, and labor mobilization—the civil war of 1918 to 1921 resulted in economic devastation and consolidation of political power in the hands of the Soviets. Succumbing to the increasing threat of massive peasant uprising and the Kronstadt Revolt, the 10th Congress of the Communist Party, guided by Lenin, inaugurated the New Economic Policy (NEP). This was the beginning of a period when the extremely coercive Bolshevik state was transformed into a much less violent set of regulatory institutions that finally were able to establish a relative monopoly on the use of force. During this brief interlude between the civil war of 1918 and Stalin’s Great Purge of the late 1930s, Russia began acquiring some basic features of a modernizing state.

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I am sure this was because this group of people was seen as a drain or a threat to society under this communist system that was worried about the welfare of the German society.