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Mike MurphyDripping Springs, TX

College is not the place it is painted to be. No learning goes on here. Professors (note that they are not called teachers anymore) hurl as much material as they can at students, and you either stay afloat or you sink, but you do not learn. I knew that no one was going to hold my hand through this process, but the college workload goes beyond that. They simply ask too much of you. The professors determine when you go to sleep, when you have time to do laundry or buy groceries, even when you have time to eat. At my weight it is not reasonable to skip meals to get some work done in between classes, but it happens often because there are no other options. Time management becomes a false concept when you spend all of your time getting work done. How can you get anything done ahead of time when there is constantly work to be done? If I were to complete every assignment on time as it was intended to be done, I guarantee literally 100% of my free time would be spent on homework and studying. Even if it is “just four years”, it is simply too demanding. Sure, it may take only ten minutes to saw your hand off, but you are still sawing your hand off.

check it out by googling “tams”. I have some PDFs I could email you, too, if you’re interested.

Why have your peers dropped out of college?

I want to try pharmacy now, and once I get my husband through nursing school I’m going back to get a PharmD and hopefully one day a Ph.D. in Chemistry. I want to be a compounding pharmacist, and even though the salary is a perk, that’s not what I really care about at this point.

it would be good to start thinking about this college application essay… (still a year away)

Employers want to see: dedication, the ability to persevere in tough situations, motivation, social adaptation, ingenuity, confidence, etc … all gained in college and apparent in the interview process when conducted properly.

Monitor progress and see any changes made. Have full control over every phase of the process.

Top reason in 1941: get drafted to go fight in europe

To sum up my college experience for you in one example, I had a 75 test average and 93 quiz average in calculus. The professor weighted the final exam so heavily that getting a high D on the test brought my grade down below a C. When I woke up early on the first day of summer to figure out what had happened, he barely talked to me and was instead interested in an eccentric meth-head student’s math theories (the student had admitted to me previously that he enjoyed smoking meth. I could not make this up). Unreasonable amounts of hard work, amounted to nothing. I will never listen to anyone who tells me hard work pays off again.

Here are the Why Essays for the Ivies:

There are just too many days when I wake up, realizing that the next choice i make out of my own free will for the day will be climbing back in bed. It takes a lot out of you. The stress is enough to cause you to go borderline insane, and I am not exaggerating in any way. I came to college excited and ready to work hard. Now I am beyond jaded and exhausted. Doors have been closed in my face at every turn. It is defeating.

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I came to college so excited about leaving the house, being independent, networking with peers and genuinely learning something. i have never been so devastated in my life than in the past two years of being a college student.

Numbers 2 and 3 ring especially true for me.

I took 2 semesters off at university because I became a single father as a freshman. I was not ready for college either due to the poor preparation that my high school gave me. We had horrible math teachers and when college came I passed all classes except the math. I was forced to go to community college. I returned back to school recently to get my IT certificate, but I’m still struggling working minimum wage and trying to support my daughter and family.

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My college is very boring! No interaction. I only go there because of stupid attendance idiocies. The teacher is telling you the exact same sentences in the book(s), bringing the same problems ( and solutions ) as in the book(s) everyone have. you stay at home and you learn faster than everyone else. I’m thinking of going back home and help my parents out with their businesses. College is a failure, i’m not the one . . .