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America’s entertainment industry has a long-standing tradition of depicting invading armies from other planets, from the 1938 radio broadcast of to the 1996 movie and beyond. The themes of those works of art tap deep into our national psyches and memories. In those stories, we are the natives. Unlike , where invisible disease vanquished the invaders, or , where a small group of unlikely heroes pulled off an unlikely upset, the Tainos (and most natives of the Western Hemisphere) were not so fortunate. Imagine that the Martian invasion was successful. Humanity quickly became a dying species as the invaders “cleared” the land for settlement, while importing their people, culture, crops, animals, and technology. Maybe humanity was not totally exterminated, but small surviving groups were allowed to exist on land that the invaders deemed useless, where they barely eked out an existence. Then imagine the anniversary of the invasion’s first day became a great day of celebration for the conquering extra-terrestrials, with their invading fleet’s captain a hero, and their rhetoric stated they had displaced an inferior species comprised of beings who were not properly taking advantage of what their planet offered. How would such a conquering culture be?

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" To emphasize the heroism of Columbus and his successors as navigators, and to de-emphasize their genocide, is not a technical necessity but an ideological choice. It serves - unwittingly - to justify what was done.

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For many years, Bill Bigelow, an Oregon high school teacher, played out the same scene for his students. He seized a student's purse and announced that the purse was his. He held it. Was possession enough? He removed the lipstick and announced that it was his. He then knew the purse’s contents; was that enough? His arguments rang hollow, particularly when the students saw his crime in the making. They did not yet know that the student whose purse was seized was the teacher's confederate. When his arguments failed to convince, he then asked, "What if I it?" The students chuckled a little, but rejected that argument as well. Then Bigelow asked, "So why do we say that Columbus 'discovered' America?" In that spirit, this essay will investigate the feat of Christopher Columbus, the original American hero.

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What has happened during the past generation, as Columbus’s heroic image has been tarnished, is not new facts arising, but looking at the facts objectively. The picture that then emerged can rightly be called horrifying. Indeed, what did our ancestors cheer about? Yet, we still have a national holiday called Columbus Day.