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Further, there are writers who helped me greatly to understand something important—say, the five points of Calvinism—but whom I would later abandon as poor examples. Yes, it’s true: some can teach limited concepts wonderfully, but then lead you into all kinds of nonsense, like radical two kingdoms doctrine, some of which abandons the very principles they have in other places taught so well. For that reason, they’ll get no mention here.

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Then there is the issue of influence. This is being profoundly influenced by something that you would not touch with a ten-foot pole, but against which you react so strongly you must count it, technically, as a powerful influence. Famously, it was the writings of David Hume that shocked Immanuel Kant from his “dogmatic slumber.” Kant then began to write his most well-known philosophy in order to refute Hume (for which philosophy students have been profoundly burdened now for centuries). This is profound influence, but not in a formative, nurturing way. The same could be said, I suppose, for the writings of certain dispensationalists in regard to how they influenced men like Gary DeMar and Kenneth Gentry. Neither of these men would count dispensationalists among their greatest influences, but they are. And this happens all over the world of scholarship.

All of us have the negative influence issue in our lives, yet few realize it and even fewer acknowledge it. Personally, for example, I could point to writings of atheists, Satanists (Anton LaVey), theosophists, cults leaders (Garner Ted Armstrong, for example), and dozens of philosophers and theologians who have provided for me the type of negative influence of which I am speaking. Personally, I think Friedrich Nietzsche and the Marquis de Sade are required reading for understanding the logical consequences of unbelieving thought—and thus also for Christian apologetics. But be careful where you tread. As Nietzsche himself said: be careful when you fight a monster that you don’t become one yourself in the process.

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Nevertheless, my theonomic readers will ask, How in the world does Schaff get in and Bahnsen does not? Simple. Schaff profoundly influenced my understanding of church history. No other secondary source has come close to that. It was North who convinced me of theonomy. Bahnsen was secondary and only supportive and confirmatory after that. I still recommend people read everything Bahnsen wrote, but his direct influence on me was secondary (to North on theonomy, and to Van Til in apologetics) and largely unneeded by the point I read him. Schaff’s influence was not.

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Other theologians have influenced me greatly in basic things, but then just stop. Instead of running into nonsense like those just mentioned, they just go no further. In this category, I would have to mention J. I. Packer’s . This book helped me greatly, but it won’t make this cut, because it deals only with basic questions in a narrow topic. Like Lewis’s books mentioned earlier, this one impacted me in a narrow area, and only at a key (early) point in my life. Most of R. C. Sproul’s books would fall in this category as well. I cut my reformed teeth on them, but others who I think have elucidated the fullness of Reformed theology have influenced me more greatly since then.

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Then there is the issue of numbers of influence. Is it safe to have as your primary influences only a handful of men? Perhaps I can address this more in depth later, but keep in mind that such a list as this can be deceptive because it deals with only influences. I hasten to say that dozens of historical writers have influenced me greatly and yet not made the cut. The same is true for writers in all disciplines and genres. I will not take the time to mention them all. Many have provided great influences, and it is tempting to list this work and that here and there, but it would be unconscionable for me here not to relate those that have truly had the most profound impact. I believe this list is indicative enough of that.

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Further, you may shriek in horror at the thought that reading certain anarchistic writers has influenced me in different ways in regard to the correct interpretation of faithfulness to Old Testament law. I am sure that’s too much for some people to accept; others will delight; for others this will be confirmation that Joel McDurmon is indeed of the devil. Sorry. None of these overreactions will be acceptable. It’s almost purely heuristic.