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Well, that’s what I thought we could try to figure out today, by revisiting and analyzing his epic historical essay on the “Ten Lessons of Karate”, an important document Itosu sensei wrote in 1908 which ended up providing the very infrastructure upon which the modern tradition of Karate unfolded.

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I myself believe that this is a goodthing because it reflects on their own character as maritalartists.Karate is what you make of it.Karate is taught in a school called a dojo.Karate, when directly translated means empty hand.Karate is just one type of martial arts; there are many other typesout there.Karate brings your mind, body and spirit together as one.The roots of what we now know as karate, have been around for morethan one thousand years.Karate first originated many years ago by a Zen Buddhist MonkBodhirma.Karate was introduced to the Japanese in the early 1920's.Karate is meant for self-defence only and must never be usedviolently.Karate is a serious art of serious study.Karate will improve your fighting skills.A karateka should never quit his or her training because the moreyou train the better you become.Karate gives you the motivation to excel at whatever you are doing.


by Sensei Jim Horne
March, 1998Karate has given me confidence in myself, good discipline, healthylifestyle, good morals, new friends.

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