My favorite subject in school is Mathematics

What's your favourite subject at school and why

It goes without saying that English is my favourite school subject.

My best subject is English. I excel most in this class because it is taught well. The teaching in this class is very good and interesting. The challenge is great, and it really makes you think.

My best subject is English, although I have bad grammar. I love writing essays and was in the top 2% in my country.

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my favoite subjects are math and science but im best at civics and english. History is the most interesting but math is the easiest yet the most challenging

Despite these high achievements, not all of these subjects are my favorites. I prefer History over English, and Film Studies over Accounting.

The one advantage I have in being good in Mathematics is that I do not have to spend a lot of time on it. Homework and tests are a . So I have plenty of time left over to study other subjects. Sometimes I feel sorry for my less fortunate classmates who get scolded in class for not completing their Mathematics homework.

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A nationwide test revealed that American students’ weakest subject is history, and they performed best in economics. What subjects are you most proficient in? Why do you think that is the case? Are your favorite subjects also the ones in which do you best? Do you perform best in classes in which you have the best teachers? Or which coincide with your abilities?

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History advocates contend that students’ poor showing on the tests underlines neglect shown the subject by federal and state policy makers, especially since the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act began requiring schools to raise scores in math and reading but in no other subject. The federal accountability law, the advocates say, has given schools and teachers an incentive to spend less time on history and other subjects.

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My best subject is English. I think it’s because of my teacher in 5th grade. Before her I didn’t do very well except in spelling because I learned to spell well because I’m dyslexic so it helps me out. I’m also very particular about grammar and I hate it when people have bad grammar.

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Overall, I think my best subject is English. I find English to be the subject I can stress the least about. Its counterpart (and evil sister) Mathematics, not so much. In my English class I feel I can comprehend new ideas and chapters more quickly than any other subject. Maybe it’s a natural thing. I just feel English allows me to express myself in the form of a novel, for example. Also, class discussions in my English class are the ones I can relate to the most. This makes the bind between the subject and I closer.

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I am a Psychology major, and history is one of my weakest subjects. Personally, I am not a history buff. I have been required to read and study history on several occasions, but most things seemed so trivial to me. I usually read what I have to in order to get by, take out the lessons that I could apply to my life and future, and dump all the other information after the exam or semester. I perform well with math, english, and many sciences. I believe it is because in other course I learn material and appy it to work in and outside of class. With history I feel as if I am just remembering it. Not to be mistaken, I understand history’s value and the lessons learned from it. However, those lessons are just stored as information to remember and not to apply. Just an opinon.