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Every year around the holidays, my family makes Stroopwafels. We all get together and make them on a weekend. They are my favorite cookies ever. I love being with my family so it’s just a fun day.

Describe what you like to do on this holiday, who you like to be with at that time, and why you enjoy it so much.

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Each year, my family and I prepare a different meal. The qualities of it are it has to be delectable, mouth watering and smell delicious. My family truly does not make traditional “American” holiday meals. Sometimes we even prepare a delicious, Chinese fusion dish. My favorite of all time though has to be the delectable range of pasta we can make. Both my parents and basically my whole family are chefs so we all participate in the cooking of all the food. Bonding over cooking is a great way for a family to come together, especially mine!

My favorite holiday meal is when me and my mom make pies and we always make an extra one to eat that night.

My favorite holiday meal memory would be the coleslaw we have every year, even though its not very seasonal everyone likes it so we eat it anyway. Its prepared by my aunt. It means a lot because that was one of the first solid foods I’ve ever ate and it just is good so it makes me happy.

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The Dining section feature featuring favorite holiday meals by nine Times food writers, includes a reminiscence by Pete Wells, written in the form of a letter to Santa (and appended with a recipe for candied orange peel):

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Students: Tell us your favorite holiday meal memory. Who prepared it? Why does it stand out for you? What does it represent for you and mean to you? Feel free to share a basic recipe along with your memories. (You can also for inclusion in the Dining section’s feature.)

My favorite holiday is Christmas

My favorite holiday meal memory is drinking hot chocolate and chai latte’s. It is made by a Kurreg Machine in my kitch. It stands out to me because that is the only thing I consume on Christmas day and it tradition.

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my favorite food memory has to be around christmass eve my mom and I always make lots of christmass treats to mail out to the family for gifts. we make candied citrus peels, chocolate coverd popcorn,spiced nuts, thin mints, gingerbread cookies and other holiday delights, after were done makeing them we share the leftovers with our friends and all trade christmass treats and enjoy eachothers company.

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My favorite day of the year is Halloween. A lot of people would say that Christmas or there birthday are there favorite holiday but for me there is something almost magical about Halloween. Every year as the leaves start to change and it starts to get colder, I know that my favorite day of the year is coming. I’m 17 years old and I see no shame in dressing up and going trick or treating. I love seeing children of all ages in a variety of costumes, going trick or treating. The decorations add to the whole feel of the day; some scary, some creepy, some more funny. I love candy, if I have a giant bowl of candy I’m happy, for an entire week after Halloween I live on candy. Another part about Halloween that I really enjoy is that it brings everyone together not just families but everyone. It brings people of all ages together. Most adults stay in and hand out candy, and most kids go door to door looking for candy. Some teenagers still trick or treat but most spend there Halloween night getting together with friends and showing off there costumes. Halloween is truly a holiday for all ages, it’s also a day where you can be anything you want in the whole world. For me, there is just something magical about a day where no matter what age you are you can dress up and be who ever you want. It’s better than any birthday because it’s a day for everyone to celebrate and age any religion.

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