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An `attitude' can be defined as `a mental view or disposition' (Wilkes & Krebs, 1987), or if the content is used in has a psychological basis ` the learned, relative stable tendency to respond to people, concepts, and events in an evaluative way' (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2002)....

What important effects does prejudice have on attitudes, and how is prejudice caused.

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The relationship between conflict among employees, the perception of organizational politics, conflict or ambiguity of workplace roles and several other work outcomes was explored by studying 11 research articles to investigate individual and organizational effects of workplace attitudes and behaviors.

The fundamental question of what attitudes are cannot be answered easily, as many psychologists offer differing definitions....

Being negative can also lead me to a bad social environment. If I am always sarcastic and pessimistic, I would not have many friends and I wouldn’t be very happy with myself. But if I am positive, then my attitude helps me to have better relationships with everyone including my friends, family, or any other person I meet. A quote I really admire is, “The choices you make dictate your future.” I believe that this quote is very true. For example, not having a positive attitude may not keep healthy relationships with people.

If Rivera had not responded to her paintings with a positive attitude, it may well have been the end of Frida's career as a painter.

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The most important reason for having a positive attitude is because I am able to learn from my mistakes. I think learning from our mistakes is very important. I always think of the example of Thomas Edison when he was trying to invent the light bulb. As he was testing out different materials, he failed 2,000 times before he could finally get it right! But Edison learned from his mistakes and kept trying! If he had given up by keeping a negative attitude towards himself, who knows if we would’ve ever had something like a light bulb?

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This leads me to my next reason: Success. I believe that having a positive attitude brings success. This is the achievement of something desired. In school, I go through this every day. For example, while taking a test in a class at school, I have to tell myself that I can do it! This is encouraging to me, and because of this I perform better. Another example is when I play tennis and I lose a match against my opponent; I don’t get disappointed. Instead, I persevere and learn from my mistakes so that next time I can be more successful and play better.

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