What have you learned about a country from watching its movies?

They always wanted clear and concise essays, which for some reason was unreachable by me.

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The most important thing people don’t think about is the language, totally different from yours, like Spanish, how you are going to use it, when, at what specifically moment, how long is going take you to learn it, spoke the language, to write in English, what about people who go to school.

It was tough for me to make my point clear on my essays, especially on the synthesis essay.

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In the same token, an article about classroom assessment states that “assessment is a systematic process of gathering information about what a student knows, is able to do, and is learning to do”....

I learned a lot more about different types of essays and critical thinking.

To quote Tom Standage:

“The earliest scribes understood that literacy was power – a power that now extends to most of humanity, and has done more for human progress than any other invention” (Intelligent Life, Feb 2012).

ENGL 101 is a great course because the focus is solely on writing, reading, responding to work and critical thinking (Natalie Serianni, August 2013).
Before I start,
I would like to share some of useful comments.
English might be your second language, but thinking about your writing and reading – at this point- is important.

I think that it is written clearly and to the point so the reader knows what to expect.

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This definitely broaden my perspective about writing essays.
I learned about the peer evaluation.
It was always hard for me to read and think at the same time since English is my second language.

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In order to be able to assess ourselves and evaluate what needs work, it is critical to look back in order to move forward (Natalie Serianni, August 2013).
How I have met four of the Cascadia's learning outcomes from this course
Learned actively with hand-out readings, participated in discussion board, checked Canvas online twice a day, double checked so that I did not miss any of assigned works from Professor Serianni.

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I learned how to write a synthesis essay.
Things I learned from English 101 Class
It is always good to have a second opinion from different perspective about my writing.

I have learned to write many essays in EN101

Interact in diverse and complex environments
Special thanks to...
Professor Serianni and 19 peers who enjoyed English 101 class with me.
Although I had a hard time keeping up with schedule because it was summer quarter and was shortened, it was meaningful class for me.

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I learned about critical reading questions.
Thesis is the most important part of the essay because this carries the whole essay and is really what you are going to be writing about.

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Many points that I provided in the essay needed specific evidence from the text by quoting from the text or finding other resources to provide stronger argument.
I have learned from this course to feel more confident in my writing.