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What does patriotism mean? I think patriotism is the love and respect that we have for our country. We can show our patriotism in many ways. One way that we can show our patriotism is to be thankful for the things that we have such as the freedoms that we are given by our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. For example, we are given the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion and the right to vote. We show our patriotism too when we obey our laws. Also, we show our patriotism when we learn about our nation’s history, about our culture, and about our traditions.

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Even though many of us may understand the reality of our service members, we must realize that as American civilians, we too have an obligation. We are charged with the responsibility of upholding true patriotism— an ideal that travels well beyond hosting barbeques in July and waving flags at a motorcade—an ideal that glides past firework shows at the lake and missing a day of school or work to celebrate. True patriotism accomplishes her goal when we, the people of this nation, realize her worth— when we notice her as an opportunity to appreciate and incorporate a national civic-mindedness into our lives for the purpose of expressing a desire to nurture our country, and our brothers and sisters. True patriotism accomplishes her goal when we, the keepers of our nation, remain passionate with her— when we utilize her as our reason to become zealous and prideful of the values that we stand and fight for together as a harmonious symphony. True patriotism accomplishes her goal when we, the future of our nation, recognize her for who she really is— when we surpass superficial comprehensions of what it means to hold a nationalistic view so that we celebrate, not for the enjoyment of the moment, but for the remembrance of our past, so that we may appreciate who and where we are today.

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Having pride, loving and honoring our country are true signs of a patriot. We live in the greatest country ever! We should be so thankful for our freedom and so proud that we can be or do anything if we try hard enough. America is a young country with many great accomplishments. We have achieved many victories at great wars which stopped the spread of communism. We also explored the frontier of space and sent the first man to walk on the moon, and are now exploring other planets. In addition, Americans have invented countless technological marvels such as the telephone, the computer and the combination of the two – the smart phone! We should all be extremely proud of these American accomplishments.

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Being a patriot is much more than one just loving how they live. It takes understanding how that country is helping people lead fulfilling lives. It takes defending the country and believing in what it can do to become an even better for others. It is easy for people to call themselves patriotic and only express it by wearing the nations colors on their backs and boasting about their freedoms to others. They stay silent when they do not like what is changing, and cheer when there are major accomplishments. A true patriot, though, stands by his country, trying to make positive changes. A true patriot is able to grasp where his freedom came from, the price it cost to gain it, and contribute to the improvement for others. Patriots stand by their country even when it is hard and displeasing, because that is when the country needs belief and care the most.

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By: Audrey Harris
What it means to be a patriot is more than just pride and love for one’s country. To truly understand the adoration people have for America, one must go back to when the United States of America was first founded. Almost everyone knows the story: how America was founded on the beliefs of independence and freedom; how the idea to start anew without a monarchy, but with a democracy was instilled. America was built up from many different types of people with varying cultural backgrounds, and the hope of creating a better country full of opportunities to thrive. America was built to give people the right to control the government rather than allowing the government to control the people. The citizen’s rights is what makes this country so unique and special, and it is also what instills so much pride and love of country into the people. Though there are many people who love this country, a true patriot is someone who understands their nations background, achievements and mistakes, and still is able to acknowledge the potential the country has. Someone who can encourage the process of improving to become a better country for its citizens.

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Next time you listen to Taps play or the National Anthem, cover your heart or salute those who died, fought, and love our country. You don’t have to be a soldier to be a patriot. Every day you can show your love to America. You may not sacrifice for America, but supporting those who did makes you an outstanding patriot. Daily you can fight for what you want. Small ideas can go a long way. Through our devotion, bravery, dedication, courage, and compassion, we can show our patriotism. God Bless America!