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Selectors also appreciate evidence that Marshall Scholars will view themselves as US cultural ambassadors to the United Kingdom and understand the United Kingdon's role on the world stage. Specifically, Marshall selectors have noted their disappointment in past applicants who seemed unaware that Great Britain is no longer an Empire and did not seem to acknowledge that it is a modern multicultural society. Therefore, applicants should be cautious about how they characterize modern Britain and avoid historical stereotypes.

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The second set of Marshall essays is generally more formal and research-based, but ultimately equally personal, with detail including the writer growing up as the son of two Presbyterian ministers and extensive descriptions about his physical activities, which he ties directly to the personal attribute of energy. As this student clarifies, his research concern is with fundamental principles of light and the philosophy of measurement, which he intends to study with a particular professor at Cambridge. Most importantly, the writer also notes in his academic programme essay that he aims to complete a third year of undergraduate studies followed by a one-year MPhil research program at the graduate level.

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Strong academic habits
Marshall is dedicated to teaching academic habits which will sustain lifelong learning in students. Learning how to learn -- whether it be taking notes, studying, or writing -- prepares students for success in college and in life. Our teachers nurture confident and critical thinkers who have mastered academic skills and competencies across a variety of disciplines.

Marshall offers a safe and inclusive school community where individuals are expected to respect themselves, each other, and their environment. Through personal relationships with diverse groups and individuals, students learn to understand themselves and others and work effectively as part of a team.

Marshall believes that the development of compassion –- and the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others -- is essential to being a productive member of a community. Through the study of multiple viewpoints and the act of service, students develop empathy for those around them.

Marshall encourages all members of its community to hold themselves to the highest code of conduct. Led by a commitment to the common good, we strive to do what is right -- even when nobody is looking.

Hard work and self-discipline are essential components for success. Marshall challenges students to develop a strong work ethic and the internal motivation to persevere through times of challenge.

Intellectual curiosity
Marshall encourages students’ natural inquisitiveness and wonder about the world. Asking questions and taking risks is as important as searching for the right answer. With the desire and courage to move confidently into the future, students can adapt to an ever-changing future in pursuit of their dreams.

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