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ADOLF HITLER  (“Hitler's Speeches”, edited by Professor N. H. Baynes (Oxford, 1942), page 369).

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A highly animated and charismatic orator, Hitler is regarded as one of the most significant leaders in World history. The military-industrial complex he fostered pulled Germany out of the post-World War I economic crisis and, at its height, controlled the greater part of Europe.

Hitler was released from jail after five months for being a model prisoner....

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The results were as to be expected. “The direct influence of the Reformation was at first unfavourable to scientific progress, for nothing could be more at variance with any scientific theory of development of the universe than the ideas of the Protestant leaders” (A. D. White: “History of the Warfare of Science and Theology within Christendom”). Germany especially was doomed. She had shown so much promise and so much hope at the beginning of the Renaissance, hopes which the advent of Luther and the German Reformation had annihilated once and forever. Typical and true are the words with which the Cambridge Modern History concludes its chapter on the German Reformation. “With the decay of civic life went also the ruin of municipal arts and civilisation. . . . Intellectually, morally and politically, Germany was a desert, and it was called religious peace."

Adolf Hitler was a very controversial person who will astonish anyone who learns about him.

Adolf was an intelligent boy but he twice failed the high school admission examinations in Linz. There, he became captivated by the Pan-German lectures of Professor Leopold Poetsch, who greatly influenced the young man's views. Hitler was devoted to his indulgent mother and may have had a hatred for his father, who was a disciplinarian. In his book , written partially as propaganda, Adolf is respectful of his father, though he does state that they had irreconcilable differences over his firm decision to become an artist. His father staunchly opposed this career path, wanting Adolf to become a civil servant instead. In January 1903 Alois died, and in December 1907 Klara died of breast cancer.

Adolf Hitler was the most inhumane person in the world because of what happen in his early life, during the war, and after the war.

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He was the fourth child of Alois and Klara Hitler Alois was a fifty one year old customs official of the Austrian empire, he retired when Adolf was six and died when Hitler was only fourteen years old and on top of that they were a poor family which probably made it harder when Alois died.

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During the interwar period, and leading up to the outbreak of WWII, Hitler presented himself as the strong, self-confident politician that Germany needed to lead the country back to its prior greatness....

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Less notably, it also marks the day that Adolf Hitler fully committed himself to strengthening Germany after it was brutally weakened by the causes within the Treaty of Versailles.

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The massacre that would lead to the word "genocide" being coined, the , emerged among top Nazis, with Himmler playing a key role. While no specific order from Hitler authorizing the mass killing of the Jews has surfaced, although there is documentation that he approved of the , the evidence suggests that sometime in the fall of 1941, Himmler and he agreed in principle on mass murder by gassing. To make for smoother intra-governmental cooperation in the implementation of this "Final Solution," to the "Jewish question," the Wannsee conference was held near Berlin on January 20, 1942 with the participation of fifteen senior officials, led by Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann, the records of which provide the best evidence of the central planning of the Holocaust. Just days later, on February 22, Hitler was recorded saying "We shall regain our health only by eliminating the Jews" to his closest associates.

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Two separate religious identities flourished under Nazism. The first was a devotion to Hitler himself. In some cases this resulted in a form of Christianity known as German Christian. The ultra nationalist German Christian churches the movement sought to recreate Christianity replacing Jesus with Hitler, or at least make him a modern day prophet.