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Sorry, professor. Even after all of your words, Ward Churchill is still a despicable individual.

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As John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” The fact is that Ward Churchill was on the wrong side of the 9/11 tragedy and probably still is, Dr. Fish. I hate to say it, but he should’ve kept his mouth shut.

●ワード・チャーチル(Ward Churchill、写真)は、米国・(University of Colorado)・教授で、専門は民族学(先住民から見た米国史)だった。

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On February 1887, the General Allotment Act, or the Dawes Act became law. By way of offering context and some definition, I offer this short excerpt from Ward Churchill:

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On May 16, 2006 the University released its . The Investigative Committee, a subcommittee of the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct, agreed unanimously that Churchill had engaged in "serious research misconduct," including four counts of falsifying information, two counts of fabricating information, two counts of plagiarizing the works of others, improperly reporting the results of studies, and failing to “comply with established standards regarding author names on publications.” In addition, the committee found him "disrespectful of Indian oral traditions."

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In the historical period, when technologically advanced humans encountered less advanced ones, there was cultural and genetic interchange, but in the end, the technologically advanced peoples . If any place on Earth could have been used as an illustration of the climate change hypothesis for the megafauna extinctions, ice age Europe would have been it. Ice sheets extended so far southward that Neanderthals lived in relatively few refugia, but I highly doubt that it caused their extinction. Neanderthals lived for at least 300,000 years and survived radical climate changes just fine. Human-agency skeptics have invoked unusually violent climate changes that coincidentally appeared when behaviorally advanced humans arrived around the world, but that seems to be grasping at straws. Again, there is nothing climatically unique about the past 60,000 years, , so invoking climate-change effects for humans and animals that weathered the ice age’s vagaries just fine seems to be a huge conjecture that may be politically motivated. Human-agency skeptics have crafted different kinds of climate explanations for each major extinction, such as drying in Australia, getting colder and dryer in Europe, or getting when most of the extinctions happened. At , climate was a proximate cause, not the ultimate one. The ultimate one was people virtually every time.

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Some nonliterate societies do not engage in warfare. They are a vanishingly small proportion of the world’s native societies, but almost without exception, they are not warlike because they are geographically isolated. The most important variable in predicting a society’s level of internal and external violence is male dominance. Monkeys are (matrilineal), and males leave their society of birth to mate, gorillas and chimps are (patrilineal), where females leave their natal society to mate, and humans have both kinds of pre-state societies, along with some . Patrilocal societies are run by gangs of related men, are by far the most violent, engage in the most warfare, and women are subjected to the most violence. Patrilocal societies can also have harems or many “wives” for the alpha males. Patrilocal societies make up nearly 70% of the world’s native cultures that have been documented. Neanderthals and australopiths . The primary determinant of patrilocal or matrilocal residence in humans is the economic contribution of women. In general, where gathering and horticulture brought in more calories than hunting, women had more influence and the society tended to become matrilocal. Those relationships only hold for societies that are not economically centralized. When surplus redistribution appeared, men began to dominate, and the chiefdom was the first step toward state formation. Organized violence only began increasing as states began to form.

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Social cohesion was not only attained by the benefits of social interactions, but also by punishments when freeloaders did not pull their economic weight in a society. Scientists have developed a concept called that is not altruistic (giving without an expectation of individual gain) at all, but more of a societal accounting concept. Universal cooperation is seen as good for all of society’s members, and acts of “altruism” will eventually be “reciprocated” by some member of the society, if not the member initially helped. A trait of UP is ensuring that and that cheaters are punished. The carrots and sticks of rewards and punishments are probably as old as the earliest social animals, but as with all areas like this, humans have achieved the most sophisticated behaviors.