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Another issue which has been done well at Wal-Mart is fairness principle.

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Also the management of the Wal-Mart doesn’t depict the ugly slur of gender prejudice as reports from a reliable source, United States Department of Labor, an article that was released on May 2005, showed that the women were found to have been at helm of the company in various fields that ranged from managerial positions to other professional positions.

The principle which is not doing well at Wal-Mart is transparency principle.

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Clearly, the vagaries of the economy have hit Wal-Mart harder than Target. For the 2005 calendar year, sales at stores open at least a year averaged a 3 percent gain at Wal-Mart, compared with 7 percent at Target.

There have been so many shareholder resolutions aimed at addressing transparency issues affecting Wal-Mart.

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It is a crucial principle especially to Wal-Mart which is an organization used by people world wide (Hemphill 2008).

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The company has also been slow to catch on to some trends, Buchanan said, noting that Wal-Mart didn't have Apple Computer Inc.'s popular iPod digital music players last holiday shopping season. The retailer does have them in stores now.

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Statistics were also dug and that showed that the percentage incomes of women from 1979 to 2004 had increased by 18 % and thus women were not marginalized whatsoever.”…since Wal-Mart is now going global, it is the opinion of the authors that the first strategy it needs to utilize is the promotion of women in the United States before going global…committed to the inclusion of women who are a vital component” (Spangler 2008).Transparency principle at Wal-Mart
Transparency principle is majorly where information about a particular organization is shared openly to the public.

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In terms of transparency, Wal-Mart is very poor since it has been found to lack an information disclosure policy.
It has been ranked the ninth among the ten corporations/organizations which were assessed on transparency (OWT Charity No.

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According to C. Britt Beemer, chairman of America's Research Group, based in Charleston, S.C., the question is, "How does Wal-Mart move up in price point so they get the average ticket up, but doesn't destroy the price image of Wal-Mart?"

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Karen Burk, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman, said more changes are planned for fall, including better clothing on the racks and signs that will give the stores a brighter look.

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When Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Vice Chairman Charles Munger lamented the made in the company’s first 50 years under Warren Buffett, he cited the failure to buy stock early enough in the retailer’s history. Judging by recent events, Buffett doesn’t think Wal-Mart is such a great idea for his company’s next half-century.