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Also referred to as French Baroque style or Parisian Belle Epoch style, other houses by Dunn in San Francisco are on Franklin Street north of Vallejo, on Haight Street apposite Cole Street and the Chambord Apartments at Sacramento and Jones (built after the 1906 earthquake and completed after Dunn’s death). It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to call San Francisco the most colorful city in the world and a hotbed for Victorian architecture. Different styles show the love of architects, designers and home owners for different cultures, which have been combined in many different ways to reflect a personal expression.

Regency to Victorian Architecture.

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Unlike many architecture books written by art historians, includes a plethora of plans, allowing Yanni to masterfully walk readers through the spaces of the buildings. The book also includes photos taken by the author, evidence of the importance of fieldwork (in addition to more traditional archival research) to the project.

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Yanni’s contention that these three natural history museums comprised a complex architectural dialogue, each absorbing and in some cases reacting against the other, is captivating. And in this way, resembles Taylor’s above-mentioned study of pavilion-plan hospitals. Both Yanni and Taylor consider architecture in its many guises built form, unrealized design projects, and architectural criticism. And through this approach they both succeed in illustrating how Victorian architecture was a dynamic, multifaceted discourse, rather than simply a series of overly decorated buildings.

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There can be no better introduction to VICTORIAN ARCHITECTURE than that which appears in J. H. G. Archer (ed), Art and Architecture in Victorian Manchester 1985 which also contains a series of valuable essays including studies of the John Rylands Library on Deansgate by John Madden, the Whitworth Art by Francis Hawcroft, the Royal Manchester Institution by Stuart Macdonald, Thomas Worthington by Anthony J. Pass and a reprint of M. Whiffen, The Architecture of Sir Charles Barry in Manchester first published in 1950.

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Carla Yanni’s offers valuable lessons in how to decode the rather elusive architectural language of buildings like the Redpath Museum, as well as its relevance to the present. What was the relationship of Victorian architecture and science? How is architecture implicated in our construction of knowledge?

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Originally her 1994 dissertation in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania, Yanni’s book is essentially comprised of case studies of three well-known British institutions: the Oxford University Museum, the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, and the Natural History Museum in London. Chapters dealing with each of these buildings are preceded by a general introduction to the evolution of the building type and another on several buildings of the 1830s and 1840s, which, although neglected by historians, acted as models in one way or another, especially for Oxford’s museum. Following the three case studies is a look at natural history museums today, a conclusion on the role of architecture in the social construction of knowledge, and a brief epilogue on two contemporary “arks” in California.

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San Francisco Victorian homes and mansions —including the fabulous mansions of Pacific Heights, the famous Victorian Cow Hollow commercial district, and Victorian houses in the Western Addition, the outer Mission and the —are some of the most striking in the world.