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The development of ethics values begin during childhood and continue to progress into adulthood.

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Some of the most convincing discussions of what has happened to working class whites emphasize a longterm process of decline, or of cumulative deprivation, rooted in the steady deterioration in job opportunities for people with low education….This process, which began for those leaving high school and entering the labor force after the early 1970s…worsened over time, and caused, or at least was accompanied by, other changes in society that made life more difficult for less-educated people, not only in their employment opportunities, but in their marriages, and in the lives of and prospects for their children. Traditional structures of social and economic support slowly weakened; no longer was it possible for a man to follow his father and grandfather into a manufacturing job, or to join the union. Marriage was no longer the only way to form intimate partnerships, or to rear children. People moved away from the security of legacy religions or the churches of their parents and grandparents, towards churches that emphasized seeking an identity, or replaced membership with the search for connections . . . These changes left people with less structure when they came to choose their careers, their religion, and the nature of their family lives. When such choices succeed, they are liberating; when they fail, the individual can only hold him or herself responsible. In the worst cases of failure, this is a Durkheim-like recipe for suicide. . . .

In part one; the essay will begin with a brief history of social work methods.

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Although Weber often announces the value from which he intends to analyze a particular policy, he also acknowledges that the value may be merely a construct of one's culture or society. An example of the influence of culture upon perspective lies in Weber's comments about political economy. As soon as the method of analysis known as political economy makes value judgments, Weber says, "it is tied to the particular strain of humankind (Menschentum) we find within our own nature. ... The economic policy of a German state, and, equally, the criterion of value used by a German economic theorist, can therefore only be a German policy or criterion." Yet the perspective still must be acknowledged.

The essay will go on to describe what methods are and how they are made use of in social work.

It is not about income poverty alone.(SJS) Throughout this essay I will explore why Poverty is a primary issue when striving for Social Justice and how, we as professionals, can attempt to overcome this by working together to achieve a fairer more just society.

Values and ethics permeate the whole of social work practice and the society within which it practices (Shardlow 1989).

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In a society with a diverse value system and increased judgment publicly by groups with varying values and interests, there seems to be more demands on business people to make stronger ethical decisions.

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That’s understandable, but also short-sighted. The fact of the matter is that the social collapse among the white working-class is, as Murray noted, especially about values and specifically about the nation’s social, political and cultural elites’ encouragement of the constituents to abandon what he calls the “Founding Virtues.” As the great moral philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre noted in his classic After Virtue, the entire Enlightenment project has been building, over centuries, toward moral chaos and toward the supposition that right and wrong are mere human constructs that are not eternal and can and should change as dictated purely by human reason.

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It is surprising to learn that the company lacked a formal statement of core values for the first six years of its existence (Hsieh, 2010). Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh believed that writing out core values was too corporate and ineffective. Hsieh was familiar with the offsite retreat homework assignment used by most corporations and did not want to draft a document that failed to reflect the true culture of his employees. Instead, Tony focused first on creating a dignified company culture: one that was committed to exceptional customer experiences (Hsieh, 2010). Hsieh even reinforced this culture by drafting a book of essays about company cultures comprised entirely of employee contributions (Chafkin, 2009). Zappos eventually developed training programs designed to reinforce this internal framework (Hsieh, 2010). Hsieh has even gone so far as to offer to pay employees to quit if they are not a cultural fit (Taylor, 2008).

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Furthermore, Weber believed that value orientations could not be eliminated from social scientific work. They necessarily determine the analyst's perspective. Portis writes that Weber, in his Freiburg inaugural address, said "political economy was a `political science,' in the sense that it must proceed from a value perspective." More crucially, Portis goes on to quote Weber as writing that "`there is no "objective" scientific analysis of culture ... or "social phenomena" independent of special and "one-sided" viewpoints -- expressly or tacitly, consciously or unconsciously -- they are selected, analyzed, and organized for expository purposes.'"