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Computers have given a new dimension to every field, and medicine is no exception.

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Computer storage can serve as the best means of housing this information.
▸ Medical journals, research and diagnosis papers, important medical documents and reference books can best be stored in an electronic format.

Computers are widely used for the generation of 3-D images in medicine.

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We have been able to implement many of the advanced medical imaging techniques, thanks to developments in computer science.
▸ Magnetic resonance imaging employs computer software.

It can be put under four main categories that include:As in any other field, the importance of computer technology in medicine cannot be ignored.

They can be used to store information about the medicines prescribed to a patient as well as those, which cannot be prescribed to him/her (ones which the patient is allergic to).
▸ Computers enable an efficient storage of huge amounts of medical data.

In the field of medicine, computers allow faster communication between a patient and a doctor.▸ Doctors can collaborate better over the Internet.

Essay on the uses of computer applications in science and medicine.

Staff records, incoming and outgoing time of the staff, the holiday records of the staff, anything to do with the staff, are all examples of how computers are used in a medical office.

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The surgical procedure is simulated on the virtual image of the patient.
▸ The surgery can then be performed by a surgical robot, as programmed by a medical professional or the robot may only assist doctors while they do the actual surgery.
▸ In both cases, computer intelligence is at work, thus underlining the uses of computers in medicine.

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Geoffrey Hinton, a computer scientist at the University of Toronto, speaks less gently about the role that learning machines will play in clinical medicine. Hinton—the great-great-grandson of George Boole, whose Boolean algebra is a keystone of digital computing—has sometimes been called the father of deep learning; it’s a topic he’s worked on since the mid-nineteen-seventies, and many of his students have become principal architects of the field today.

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That’s because nothing in medicine is without risks. Complications can arise from hospital stays, medications, procedures, and tests, and when these things are of marginal value the harm can be greater than the benefits. In recent years, we doctors have markedly increased the number of operations we do, for instance. In 2006, doctors performed at least sixty million surgical procedures, one for every five Americans. No other country does anything like as many operations on its citizens. Are we better off for it? No one knows for sure, but it seems highly unlikely. After all, some hundred thousand people die each year from complications of surgery—far more than die in car crashes.

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