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Daughters Anne Elizabeth Shields (Toronto, October 1959), Catherine Mary Shields (Manchester, February 1962), Margaret (Meg) Lorin Shields (Toronto, April 1964) and Sara Ellisyn Shields (Ottawa, January 1968) followed.

One was Donald Shields, who would become Carol's husband a year-and-a-half later.

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After a period as office boy and insurance clerk, he served over 42 years as, consecutively rent collector, clerk, cashier and acting secretary to a firm of housing property owners, from which he retired at the age of 65 on a pension which he later commuted.

Shields and her family moved to Vancouver in mid-1978, where she continued to work on .

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Marta Dvorak and Manina Jones, McGill-Queen's University Press
a compendium of emails and letters between Blanche Howard and Carol Shields
is published: , ed.

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The Worlds of Carol Shields was held from April 27-29, 2012. The conference program included keynote addresses by Eleanor Wachtel, Anne Giardini, Joseph Giardini, Coral Ann Howells, and Aritha Van Herk. There was a plenary panel featuring Wayson Choy, Joan Clark, Martin Levin, and Jane Urquhart. A book of essays related to the conference is .

leave in England while Carol started work on a new novel, Unless.

“I do not have any data from any of the centers, but here and around the county, some women are asking for the shields,” Kopans says. “Here we are explaining that they are not necessary and could compromise the mammogram, but we have them if the patient insists.”

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Carol Shields and Joyce Carol Oates: The Gift of a Scarf in an “Economy of Femininity” – Elizabeth Reimer (Thompson Rivers University)