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You guys are way too much! I can’t imagine how you thought to post this. I originally discovered TS Eliot through the Choruses from the Rock, which as it turns out, it isn’t cool to like. I still like it, aesthetics is a funny business and I don’t like being told what to like. I like his other stuff too, to a point. I wrote some incidental music to some things in Choruses when I was a music student, mostly slightly atonal counterpoint exercises. It seemed appropriate. for Mr. Eliot!

Eliot, T.S. , Lawrence Rainey, ed., New Haven: Yale University Press (2005) pp. 141-3, 210-4

Comparing TS Eliot’s The Waste Land and Allen Ginsberg’s …

Caravaggio is thought to have received the basics of a formal education, but he appears to have had no interest in writing unlike, say, Leonardo da Vinci, who composed learned treatises, or Michelangelo Buonarroti, who left a body of written work that ranges from poems to grocery lists.

Eliot’s modernism, which was strongly influenced by his conversion to Anglo-Catholicism, is a harsh critique of the pervasive self-obsession of the modern secular world....

English Literature: Bacon: As an Essayist

This webpage presents"The Romantic Englishman, the Comic Spirit, and the Function of Criticism,"one of the two short essays by T.S. Eliotthat appeared in the "Notes on Current Letters" sectionof the first volume of (Spring 1921).The essays were classified as work C119 by Donald Gallupin his bibliography of Eliot's works.