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All if not more of these conditions were present in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company.

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Writing about the fire for the International Socialist Review, Louis Duchezraises questions about truth and reality that should interest contemporary theorists whomay be convinced that reality waits for those who construct it. He begins, "Truth isindeed, stranger than fiction. As I write this story of the bold, brutal and cold-bloodedmurder of one hundred and twenty-five girls [sic] averaging nineteen years of age, andtwenty men, here in New York, I wonder if what I have seen and heard and felt isreal." Duchez does not spare the squeamish reader as he piles detail ondetail of dismembered bodies and shredded, blackened flesh. He concludes by blamingorganizing labor for "the Triangle slaughter" for not striking "as one manwhen the girls struggled so desperately in 1910 against the Triangle" and chides theunions for not calling a general strike the Monday after the fire ("The Murder of theShirt Waist Makers in New York" ISR.V. II:666-673).

The owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company were tried for manslaughter but acquitted.

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And almost always in the fire poetry, there are the conversations with dead sistersacross time, naming their names, reconstituting their faces, and voices. The emphasis isnot a polemic solidarity, but on human relationships describe in terms of imaginedphysicality. In Carol Tarlen's "Sisters in the Flames" the poet becomes anothersister worker, "together we sewed/fine linen shirtwaists/for fine ladies."Tarlen takes the hand of her sister with "hair a mess of red curls" and holdsher "in the cradle/of my billowing skirt" and together now fly/the sky isan unlocked door/and the machines are burning."

That is exactly what happened in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911.

The material effect on the families of the victims and the survivors presents a verydifferent attitude about the value of money in relation to kinship and community. Therewas no question that economic need was great and that families counted on the Trianglewages to survive. The Red Cross raised substantial emergency funds for immediatedistribution on the Monday after the fire. But, as Leon Stein reports, no one came toclaim the aid. The workers who died were from recent Italian and Jewish immigrant familiesaccustomed to surviving by the collective struggle of the family, not by government ororganizational handouts. Rose Schneiderman with colleagues from the Women's Trade UnionLeague and volunteers from the Red Cross went into the tenements on the lower East Sideand found the victims' families "who in this moment of great sorrow had becomeoblivious to their own [economic] needs" (qtd. in Stein 124).

One of the worst tragedies in American history it is known as the “Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”.

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In 1911, a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory killed 146 young immigrant workers. Protests after the fire led New York State to revamp laws governing working conditions, increase the number of fire inspectors and write new fire safety codes.

Tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

An outgoing lad with a fine speaking voice, he gravitated to street corner politics and on to Tammany Hall. Smith started as an unknown member of the New York State Assembly and rose to become speaker. In 1911, he led the investigation of the Triangle shirtwaist factory fire and sponsored the subsequent reform legislation that influenced fire codes nationwide.

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From the Triangle Fire to Today: What is the legacy of the Triangle fire? Trace the impact the fire had on the following: women’s and rights, , , , the American socialist movement and . Starting with the many archival news articles found on the Times Topics create an annotated, illustrated timeline (, if possible) to present your findings.

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Harrison who gave the automatic sprinkler a practical development, and it is Henry Parmelee, of Newhaven, Conn., and Frederick Grinnell, of Providence, R.I., that the credit must be awarded for giving to the Automatic Sprinkler its practical application and laying the foundation of what is now a worldwide industry...

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However, for many working people, especially garment workers, and for many contemporaryworking-class women poets, the Triangle Fire is not forgotten. In 1991 David Melman, thenassistant to the President of the ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Workers Union), saidthat he gets twenty to thirty phone calls about the fire a year and that the fire"hits a psychic cord in people."5 The Triangle Fire has evoked arange of cultural responses: paintings, photographs, plays, dances, songs, novels, and afull length television movie.