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The court ruled against the school district saying that "studentsdo not shed their constitutional rights at the school house gates. Indoing so the court protected what has come to be known as "symbolicspeech."

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Free chicano papers, essays, and research papers

, to give as close as possible an account of what being with something or near something or within a situation is like for you. Your personal feelings and emotions are crucial for readers to understand what the experience means. Let’s continue with the car accident scenario from above. If a person involved in the accident was in court, the person might explain to the judge or jury what being in the accident did to the person, which might involve explaining the trauma and horror of the accident and the psychological effects of the accident. Explaining psychological and emotional experiences involves giving a dominant impression so that the feelings and senses have a common thread.

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The key is to relate to them first on a human level, then on a woman level and finally on a female dominant level. Try to envision them as real people. Ignore, for the moment, the image of a leather-clad beauty in spiked-heeled boots. Chances are that’s not what she’s wearing when she’s reading the net anyway. If you saw this woman dressed in normal clothing, and you met her in the supermarket, or on the tennis court, or coming out of an office building, how would you go about meeting her?

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