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That’s almost the entire story. In Verhoeven’s film Doug Quaid (not Quail) – played by the inimitable Arnold Schwarzenegger – actually goes to Mars and joins a rebellion against the sinister Governor Cohaagen. The plot is much more involved, but it is not the most important part of the movie. The original Total Recall is notable for its startling inventions such as the mutant leader Kuato, who lives inside the body of an assistant; and the cross-dressing disguise that Quaid adopts to get through Martian customs.

The general definition of forgetting is the inability to recall or recognise something that has been previously learned.

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This new Total Recall is a video game thinly disguised as a movie. After a slowish beginning it devolves into a protracted sequence of fights, chases and explosions. Presumably the viewer is supposed to find this exciting, but the effect is tedious in the extreme.

There is now a recognition that operational efficiency and effectiveness are critical to gaining and retaining competitive advantage.

While we ask ourselves questions about the head games being played on us, Verhoeven supplies a relentless pace and thrilling but oh-so-bloody violence amid the twists and turns. The director’s depiction of violent acts is beyond compare in their pure energy, staging, and veracity. When fists connect with faces or a foot connects with a groin, we feel it. Bodies quake when a bullet impacts, blood soaks, clothes are shredded, and the impact is undeniable, unlike so much anonymous Hollywood violence that seems to proceed without consequence. Verhoeven has often compared his childhood experiences growing up in The Hague under Nazi-occupied forces to a grand adventure (although others might describe it as a grand tragedy). Exposed to mass death, falling bombs, and untold horrors, the director has admitted to using this influence in his films, especially in gun battles and depictions of death. In his hands, such violence becomes replete with force. One sequence in particular features Quaid using a bystander as a human shield; the body is shredded by bullets to a staggering degree and, along with a body count of more than seventy tallied deaths, caused an anti-violence uproar upon the film’s release. It’s no wonder the ratings board initially saddled the picture with an X-rating, much like , due to excessive violence, which had to be trimmed to receive an acceptable R.

However, average person has no ability to recall all events clearly because memory will less accurate over time (Lillienfled, 2012, p.

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Let me be clear: Total Recall is not just an unsatisfying adaptation of Dick's work, it is also just generally an unsuccessful film. I would advise fans of We Can Remember It For You Wholesale - and, indeed, anyone without a fetish - to skip it entirely and instead stick with the . Because you can keep your massive explosions and endless jumping, not to mention all the Quaids and . I'm more than happy with my main man Quail.

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The new Total Recall is a candidate for the coveted title of of Worst Remake of All Time. It adds nothing to what we have seen before, and empties the story of meaning. It is an utterly unnecessary exercise that doesn’t attempt to be anything but a cash-in: a film that treats its audience like morons. It probably won’t be the last time you hear this, but Total Recall is the most forgettable movie of the year.

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The Colony echoes the grimy, slum-like vision of the future found in Blade Runner, but now coloured by a crass orientalism. There are the same tiny boats that used to cluster around Hong Kong harbour 50 years ago, along with signs in various Asian languages and Russian. The branch of Rekall that Doug visits is dolled up like a chintzy Chinese restaurant, and even the boss – McClane – is now Asian.

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As a dedicated reader of Dick since my teens, it’s almost painful to have to discuss the new Total Recall. In this version Mars is never mentioned. The world has been ravaged by nuclear war, leaving only the United Federation of Britain (UFB) and The Colony – ie. Australia! Every day, Aussie Doug and his fellow workers commute to the UFB, in a device called The Fall, which zooms down a hole in this side of the planet and emerges 17 minutes later on the other.