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But why does The Three Musketeers, a moldy old book about people fighting with swords, get the cinematic treatment more as often as most people get a new cell phone? Because it. is. made. for. it.

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(And we're not including TV movies, spin-offs, or movies that are adapted from the other novels Dumas wrote that featured the characters of the musketeers.)

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Of the three titles, the strangest is "Duck Amuck," which plays with the reality of the genre. In it Daffy Duck is aware he's a character in a cartoon and shouts angry tirades against his animator, who strikes back with pencil, eraser and paint brush. Daffy begins as a dueling Musketeer but suddenly runs out of background and is marooned on an empty white screen. He demands a backdrop, and a brush enters the frame to paint a farm. Daffy, a trouper, starts singing "Daffy Duck, He Had a Farm." But the backgrounds change with sadistic glee: snow, a beach in Hawaii. Then he is erased. He reappears with a guitar but cannot make his music heard, and holds up a sign saying "Sound, Please!" He gets a machine gun and a klaxon.

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But if you want to recreate the dazzling entertainment of a movie theater in mid-July in the privacy of your own mind, you really cannot do better than The Three Musketeers.