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For your final paper your task is to analyze the modern vampire in relation to its historical antecedents. Every paper must deal substantially with Dracula and at least one other text and consider how the historical vampire and the anxieties surrounding it get transformed into a modern context and what the modern vampire narrative tells us about our society and cultural anxieties.

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This essay follows the vampires from their origins to their modern selves and their extreme popularity throughout the years. The essay raises the question of why vampires are so popular and what it is that draws us to them. It will explore the beginning of the vampire lore, how they were originally just cautionary tales told by the government to the villagers to scare them into a behavior that was acceptable. In the first chapter the mythology surrounding the early vampire lore will be discussed and before moving on in the second chapter to the cult that has formed around the mythological and literary identities of these creatures. The essay finishes off with a discussion on the most recent popular vampire related films Twilight and New Moon and TV-series True Blood and their male vampire heroes Edward Cullen and Bill Compton. The essay relies heavily on The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and other Monsters written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley as well as The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula written by Eric Nuzum as well as the films Twilight directed by Catherine Hardwicke and New Moon directed by Chris Weitz and TV-series True Blood. Eric Nuzum's research on the popularity of vampires inspired the writing of this essay. As well as these two books the research of the paper was mostly done on the internet because of the expansion of web pages and internet users it has become a valuable part in helping people to find their inner vampire and connect with others with the same vampire interest.

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and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire Vampires and Their Cultural Evolution from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century.

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As I researched more, I found that myths and legends about vampires existed all over the world. From Asian countries like China and Japan to European nations like Romania and Greece there is folklore concerning creatures of the night that feast upon human blood. In order to get a better understanding of how the vampire existed in these different cultures I researched a few of the countries who held strong beliefs in vampires. In countries like Africa and Australia, vampire-like creatures existed in mythology merely as tales to pass from one generation to the next. For example, in Africa, the Ashanti people told stories of a creature called the Asasabunsam, a humanoid creature that had a set of iron teeth. It would sit on treetops with its legs dangling downward and use its hook shaped feet to scoop up unsuspecting children. The Ashanti people used this tale to warn children not to travel in the jungle alone. If I lived in that area I’d be sure to always look at the tree tops while I walked under the canopy of trees. In Australia s similar tale was present among the aboriginal tribes involving a creature called the yara-ma-yha-who. The yara-ma-yha-who was described as a little red man about four feet tall that had a large head and mouth. It had no teeth and would swallow its victims whole and drain them of their blood. Children were warned not to travel by streams and rivers alone, for the yara-ma-yha-who may be lurking near by, ready to pick off lone travelers (Melton 22).