Throughout history man has had to struggle with the problem of evil.

I will try to answer the problem of evil with regards to the problem of heaven and hell....

Augustine and the Problem of Evil from a Christian Basis

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If you are writing a paper ondivorce, you probably already know this, but let's review thefacts. A divorce is defined as the legal separation of a marriedcouple. Typically, the couple is in agreement about getting adivorce, but in reality, most of the time this is unlikely to be thecase. The possible reasons for a person wanting to divorce theirspouse are, in a sense, endless. The dynamics of every relationshipare unique, but of course, similarities exist everywhere. So whichreasons for divorce can you look to in formulating your thesisstatement on divorce? Let's have a look at some of the mostcommon causes of divorce.

Augustine reflects on the existence of evil and the theological problem it poses.

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Lackof Personal SpaceWeall need our alone time. This is especially important in a marriageas, once married, a person's life becomes merged with another's. In your thesis statement, you may find it easy to examine the waysthat couples sometimes become codependent upon each other. Perhapshighlight the lack of individual interests and passions in marriedcouples and how that leads to a loss of individuality.

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Effectson ChildrenWhile not all divorced couples have childrenfactored into the equation, most do. It is generally agreed thatchildren often feel the blow even harder than their parents. However,recent research has shown that such notions may actually beexaggerated. Now, conflict seems to be the most prominent factorfiguring in children's adjustment to their parents' divorce, insome cases even over residential custody. Endeavoring to provide asolution to these problems could be the focus of your thesisstatement.

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Gottfreid Leibniz was a philosopher, who took aim at the problem and wished to point out that the existence of evil and God are compatible of evil and and the typical logic is: (1) if God was an all-powerful, all-knowing and all...

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