They blame the child for what it cause him or her to do.

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How to Create Good Thesis Statements for an Autism Research Paper?

If you read all this thank you. And i will leave you with the wise words or Christopher Hitchins
“What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

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ADHD adhd Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?ADHD Thesis?

I don’t really care if I do have aspergers but I feel very pressured in school when my teachers force me into talking. I frequently get in trouble for not doing tasks that require social interaction, despite the fact I try but mostly freeze up or run awa. I’m not sure what to do so any advice would be great.

Studies have found that people with autism have differences in the structure of their cerebellums.

Sorry to hear that you have not had great experiences with doctors in the past. I hope that the future will be better for you and that if you want to get a professional diagnosis that you will be able to find a doctor that you can relate to and feel comfortable with!

Autism is one of the most common developmental disabilities (Harris & Weiss, 1998).

Whatever you decide, I truly wish you all the very best.

He is terrified of the dark to the point where he becomes hysterical if the light goes out. Left shoe always goes on first, has to sit in certain chair most times, writes phonetically if you can get him to write. He has been bullied, done self harm a few times, used to put his hands up to his face a lot when you talked to him but doesn’t do it much anymore. Communication is very hard for him, he can’t get out what he is trying to say very well.

I wish you all the very best in your decision.

just like the tests I took at the psychiatrists I don’t really know how to answer the questions and or they don’t apply to me so I cant really answer those without making the test score inaccurate ps.. I got 29 but It probly wasn’t accurate because if I didn’t know the answer I said slightly agree

I truly wish you all the very best.Justine 🙂

There is no easy answer to finding out how to fit in with others in social situations and to form close friendships. What I can say is that if you can think of things that you enjoy doing and then see if you can find a group (either in your local area or online) that you can join. Once you gather with others that have similar interests it is often easier to establish friendships around this topic.

Hi LuisaI am sorry to hear of the recent loss of your grandfather.

Just took this test and i got 38. Btw, i discovered that i have autism last year when i was seeing the doctor to my son who has adhd & autisme. the doctor told me that she could tell that i have autism during the first session ie counseling for me before taking steps for my son.

I wish you all the very best for the future Marcos. 🙂Justine

It does definitely sound like you need to persevere and get a formal diagnosis for your son. It is often not easy, but at least with a diagnosis you can get the assistance that your son needs. This is especially important to do while he is still young.