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The primary task of young adulthood is to form close, ..

You have a variety of options for fulfilling this final assignment. You should choose a project that will be the most useful for you in the upcoming year; for example, if you are beginning to plan for the student teaching experience, you might use this as an opportunity to create a (new) unit for use in the upcoming year. If you are still in the preparatory phase of your education or do not wish to enter teaching, you might use this as an opportunity to focus more on a variety of reading or on educating yourself as to the many possibilities of young adult literature. Choose one of the following and create either an essay or a unit plan of at least six pages: (If you choose to make a personal choice other than the options given, please share your thoughts before proceeding into your plan.)

This test came to be insufficient due to the older adults not attaining the same type of education as the younger adults.

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Praises for Writing for Children and Young Adults:

younger adults and the result of this particular test was that in fact younger adults did learn better than the elder.

345) Stage 4: Formal operational (11 years to adulthood)
The ability to think abstractly and theoretically
Achieving world peace, finding justice, finding meaning in life
Can organize their thoughts
Have the capacity to reason
Depth of understanding increases with experience
Will participate more fully in their own health care decisions

(Potter & Perry, 2006, p.347) Communication Emotional Social Ability to address and resolve personal and social tasks
The young adult wants to prolong adolescence yet assume adult commitments
Have greater intimacy skills
Establish their body image
From ages 23-28, the focus is on refining self perception and the ability for intimacy
From ages 29-34, the focus is on achieving personal and occupational goals and improving their socio-economic status

(Potter & Perry, 2006, p.

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The young adult must develop intimate relationships with others. Notresolving this conflict leaves the young adult feeling isolated. The young adultmust be willing to be open and committed to another individual.

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This task theory can be examined using the normative crisis model.
The knowledge of developmental tasks of the young adult can be beneficial to the
nurse especially associated with their ability to relate to the young adult.

One of the stages in life is the young adult, which suggests significant changes
and an increase of responsibility.

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Such achievement of this task crisis should
provide the young adult with the ability to challenge previous ideas held by the
adolescent about intimacy and isolation.

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Some people may manifest no symptoms; at the other end of the spectrum is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, characterized by flashbacks, avoidance, numbing of responsiveness (including substance abuse), persistent expectation of danger, constriction (dissociation, zoning out), and memory im...

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This model is adapted for progression
of the tasks to follow the chronological age of the adult, while the related
social and emotional changes progress through a sequence that Erikson
characterises in to eight specific crisis tasks over the life span.

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(Kozier, erb,
blais & wilkinson, 1995.).

The second crisis model depends upon the timing of events and is not dependant
upon resolution of crisis or a ground plan, but stresses the importance of each
event that occur in the young adults life.