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The metal swing fits up to four people and has a great view of the Lock and Dam.

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EPILEPSY IS DANCING SINGLE: Secretly Canadian and Rough Trade will release the “Epilepsy Is Dancing” single in Europe April 6/US April 7. The single will be released in CD and 7” vinyl formats and includes live favorite “Where Is My Power?” Check out the striking video for the single produced by AFAS and directed by the Wachowski Brothers (THE MATRIX, V for VENDETTA) which can be viewed and on Pitchfork .

The view taken from my front window, I look at this view everyday, to me it seems very French.

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This is the view from outside my Boyertown, PA window, this past Tuesday after the past NorEaster blew by and ripped the canopy of my Swing, which I had put out prematurely when the brief spring like March weather delighted us with its appearance

Antony recently did an interview with  about TURNING. Please check it out .

Early next week, the great David Garland will feature an interview and performance from Antony on his left-of-center and out-music WNYC radio program "Spinning on Air." During his visit with Garland, Antony performed the songs "Another World" and "Epilepsy Is Dancing" from The Crying Light. Once the show airs, it will be available for streaming at the "Spinning on Air" site .

I took this picture from my car window just outside of a small town called Paint Lick, Kentucky.

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I took this picture from the window of my car as I was going through Oklahoma on my way to a funeral. There is something hauntingly beautiful about a solitary tree in a field.

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This photo of Kata Tjuta was taken through the window of a 4WD troop carrier while on a safari trip to Ayers Rock National Park . At the time we were speeding towards the sunset viewing area and the rain clouds broke apart for a second...

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Lady Bunny interviewed Antony for the Huffington Post regarding Antony and Charles Atlas' "You Are My Sister" installation for Midnight Moments here in NYC. Check it out .

Man, the view from my window is awesome

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I took this photo from my dormitory's window. It was early in the morning when I was waken up by the sounds of the crows over the nearby trees..I just can't help but feel the serenity, peacefulness and love brought by this particular natural scene.

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I was driving back home to Nevada, and a storm was brewing just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The clouds were moving, and changing colors so fast, it was almost as if I was looking through a kaleidoscope. I would have kept snapping pictures, but the rain, hail, and wind hit like a ton of bricks