INTERVIEWER And it's all available in the "Truman" Show" catalogue.

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The telegram of 11 August did not directly answer the Japanese request for a guarantee of the Emperor’s powers, yet it did go beyond the Potsdam Declaration. The short-run survival of a Japanese Government and of the Emperor as Head of the Government was tacitly assumed by the very assertion that their authority would be subject to the Supreme Allied Commander; and the last paragraph clearly opened the way for permanent retention of the Imperial Office, since no Japanese could doubt that the “freely expressed will of the Japanese people” would find room for the Emperor in any remodeled government.

INTERVIEWER The catalyst for the recent dramatic events was of course Truman's father, Kirk, and his infiltration onto the show.

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As many as two million people in over two hundred cities and towns participated in Moratorium activities. Participants ranged from at least 15 combat soldiers in Vietnam wearing black armbands, to 100,000 listening on the Boston Common to South Dakota senator George McGovern and setting a record for the largest political crowd in the city’s history, to 250,000 in New York who attended rallies in Bryant Park and on Wall Street. Many Broadway shows canceled their matinees that afternoon and Republican Mayor John Lindsay ordered flags to be flown at half-mast on municipal buildings. As many as 90 percent of high school students in New York failed to show up for class that Wednesday. Turnouts were impressive as well in Chicago, Washington, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburgh, where the city council endorsed the demonstration. Even more impressive were the dignified silent vigils and prayer meetings held in several hundred small towns where antiwar demonstrations had not been very popular.

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As the show expanded, naturally we were forced to manufacture ways to keep Truman in Seahaven - demonstrating that every venture is accompanied by a risk.

It just goes to show the complexity of human character, and the element of truth that was used to smear the whole Radical project of Reconstruction.

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Leading into one side of the airliner is a covered walkway, emblazoned with a sign, Emerging from the opposite side of the airliner is an old-fashioned airline stairway with the sign, At the foot of the steps, TWO WOMEN in Fijian dress are being shown the correct way to present a floral lei.

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The program expanded in 1967, when the CIA established a centralized pacification bureaucracy, the Civil Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS), that drew all the scattered counterinsurgency operations into a covert assassination campaign later named the “Phoenix program.” With limitless funding and unrestrained powers, Phoenix represented an application of the most advanced U.S. information technologies to the task of destroying the Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI) in the villages.

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His recognition of Israel virtually the minute it was created is often thought of as complete political cynicism (he is supposed to have said, "Show me the Arab voters"), but Truman was probably sincerely convinced of Zionism by his friends in the substantial Jewish community in Kansas City.

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The reason for Washington's views, as stated about one in his , is well given:

A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this proposition.
This already gives us a clue to Washington's personality, which today is hard to recover and appreciate under all the mythology, mystification, and ignorance.

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At the top of the dome is a huge painting of Truman's face encircled by satellite dishes - inside each dish is a single letter spelling out, T-H-E T-R-U-M-A-N S-H-O-W - a banner proclaims, ANNOUNCER (V.O.) ...and Truman Burbank as Himself, taped in the world's largest studio, one of only two man-made structures visible from space, comes the longest running documentary soap opera in history, now in its 30th great year - The camera rushes towards the outside wall of the gigantic dome bathed in sunlight.