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Finally, welcoming of immigrants is a powerful counter message to ISIS's main strategy of "eliminating the Grey Zone" between Infidel and True Believer (where most of humanity finds itself, including the overwhelming majority of Muslims) by caring out terrorist attacks on civilians in indefensible places (cafes, restaurants, sports events, theaters, etc.) so as to engender suspicion, fear, and ultimately hate of all Muslims and thus demonstrate to any Muslims attempting to live peaceful lives in their host society, that there efforts will only cause them to suffer.

Last, New Age - as a religion - considers the perceived cause of terrorism the

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The data on participation in and support for political violence, militancy, and terrorism that we have examined are meager, often indirect, and possibly nonrepresentative. In addition, participation in terrorist activities may be highly context-specific, and we have examined terrorism, militancy, and politically motivated violence in a small number of settings primarily in the Middle East. Consequently, our results must be considered tentative and exploratory. Yet we are not aware of compelling evidence that points in the opposite direction from what we have found. In light of our results, we would urge intellectuals and policymakers to exercise caution in presuming that poverty and education have a direct and causal impact on terrorism.

[...] These 'simplistic, root-cause, explanations' are being avoided, because they reveal the ugly truth behind the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Exploration of Globalisation, Inequality and the Third World from another direction and explores the possible links between economic affluence and a stable liberal democracy, thereby assuming that it would reduce incidence of terrorism.

[...] These 'simplistic, root-cause, explanations' are being avoided, because they reveal the ugly truth behind the rise of Islamic terrorism.

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Economic theory is unlikely to give a very convincing answer one way or the other as to whether poverty and education are important root causes of terrorism. One could construct plausible explanations for why a reduction in poverty and a rise in education might increase or decrease the incidence of terrorism. It might help to consider the evidence on hate crimes. Since the literature on participation in terrorism is less well developed than the literature on hate crimes, we begin by briefly reviewing evidence on the economic determinants of hate crimes, a phenomenon that many have considered closely related to terrorism.

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Openness in itself cannot be a cause, only maybe easing terrorists in their preparations and facilitating publicity in the relative absence of censorship, but not the 'change of mindset' to resort to terrorism as a tool.

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The local Somali elected officials in Bruce's home town of Minneapolis yesterday stopped backing Minnesota's/Fed "anti-terrorism" programs because they are nothing but talk covering for intrusive surveillance and hard repression.

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What might be a cause, is the so-called 'terror of the majority': the minority is represented and allowed to voice their grievances, but this is consistently not translated into desired policies because there are not sufficient votes to pass desired legislation.

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With a queue of willing participants, how do terrorist or militant groups choose their suicide bombers? A planner for Islamic Jihad explained to Hassan that his group scrutinizes the motives of a potential bomber to be sure that the individual is committed to carrying out the task. Now, a high level of educational attainment is probably a signal of one's commitment to a cause, as well as of one's ability to prepare for an assignment and carry it out. For this reason, the stereotype of suicide bombers being drawn from the ranks of those who are so impoverished that they have nothing to live for may be wildly incorrect. This interpretation is also consistent with another of Hassan's observations about suicide bombers: "None of them were uneducated, desperately poor, simple-minded, or depressed. Many were middle class and, unless they were fugitives, held paying jobs. More than half of them were refugees from what is now Israel. Two were the sons of millionaires."