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Biskind,Peter. “The Past is Prologue: The Blacklist in Hollywood.” 15,no. 3 (1981). Sympathetic commentary on Navasky’s ;concludes that liberal anti-Communists cynically adopted anticommunism in orderto avoid political attacks upon themselves.

Christensen,Terry. . Oxford, UK New York, NY, USA: Blackwell, 1987. Films examinedinclude , , and

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Schwartz,Delmore. . Edited by Elizabeth Pollet. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux,1986. Entry in 1949 journal: “Alger Hiss charmed everyone because he was socorrupt that he could tell anyone a lie and he could brazen out any lie.”

Olsen,Richard. . Philadelphia, PA:Xlibris, 2001. On gangsters and Hollywood unions.

Williams,Frankwood Earl. . New York: Farrar & Reinehart, 1934. Williams was themedical director of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene from 1923 until1931 and was a psychoanalyst as well, a member of the New York PsychoanalyticSociety and Institute, one of the organizers of the First InternationalCongress on Mental Hygiene (1930) and active in the InterProfessionalAssociation. On the basis of two visits to the USSR, Williams wrote that whilemental disease, divorce, and delinquency were increasing in the U.S., in theUSSR one could see “the building of a new civilization” and in the USSR was “aplace were all problems of human relationships have been solved, where thereexists no nervous or mental disease, no delinquency, no marital difficulties,no child-parent difficulties, no adolescent problems, no maladjustedschool-children.”Williams, an ardentfellow-traveler, was an adviser to , journal of the YCL.

LeSueur, Meridel. . Edited by Elaine Hedges. NewYork: Feminist Press, distr. by Talman Co., 1990.

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Cockburn,Alexander. “Krieger Victorious Over Hiss Author.” , 28 May1979. On Allen Weinstein’s admission he had partially misidentified SamuelKrieger in .Holds thatthis discredits the entire book.

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Theoharis,Athan G. “Unanswered Question: Chambers, Nixon, the FBI, and the Hiss Case.” In, edited byAthan G. Theoharis. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1982. Casts doubt onHiss’s guilt.

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Levine,Isaac Don. “The Hiss-Chambers Case.” In , edited by Isaac Don Levine. NewRochelle, NY: Arlington House, 1976. Six essays by Levine from 1947 to 1950covering aspects of the Hiss-Chambers case, including his role in the 1939visit of Chambers to meet Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle, but alsodiscusses his dealings with Walter Krivitsky.

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Elniff,Terrill I. “Re-Writing History: Thomas A. Bailey Takes on a Co-Author.” , no. 4 (December 1980). Notes the changing treatmentof the Hiss case in different editions of a long-used textbook, with Hiss becomingincreasingly innocent over time.

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Harrigan,Anthony. “Inside America: The Culture of Sedition.” ,June 2003. One the origins and traditions of sedition and disloyalty thatdeveloped among radicals from the late 19th century onward.

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Alger Hiss: Case Closed; Enormous: The KGB Attack onthe Anglo-American Atomic Project; The Journalist Spies; Infiltration of theU.S. Government; Infiltration of the Office of Strategic Services; The XY Line:Technical, Scientific, and Industrial Espionage; American Couriers and SupportPersonnel; Celebrities and Obsessions; The KGB in America: Strengths,Weaknesses, and Structural Problems.