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We examine its meaning and try to understand the intentions of its authors.

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It is a means ofrevising, of transvaluing, of escaping the dead past.

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Many major historical figures in philosophy have provided an answer tothe question of what, if anything, makes life meaningful, althoughthey typically have not put it in these terms. Consider, for instance,Aristotle on the human function, Aquinas on the beatific vision, andKant on the highest good. While these concepts have some bearing onhappiness and morality, they are straightforwardly construed asaccounts of which final ends a person ought to realize in order tohave a life that matters. Despite the venerable pedigree, it is onlyin the last 50 years or so that something approaching a distinct fieldon the meaning of life has been established in Anglo-Americanphilosophy, and it is only in the last 30 years that debate with realdepth has appeared. Concomitant with the demise of positivism and ofutilitarianism in the post-war era has been the rise of analyticalenquiry into non-hedonistic conceptions of value, includingconceptions of meaning in life, grounded on relatively uncontroversial(but not certain or universally shared) judgments of cases, oftencalled “intuitions.” English-speaking philosophers can beexpected to continue to find life's meaning of interest as theyincreasingly realize that it is a distinct topic that admits ofrational enquiry to no less a degree than more familiar ethicalcategories such as well-being, virtuous character, and rightaction.

These are essays which reveal the sensuous surface of art without mucking aboutin it.

Objective naturalists believe that meaning is constituted (at least in part) by something physical independent of the mind about which we can have correct or incorrect beliefs. Obtaining the object of some variable pro-attitude is not sufficient for meaning, on this view. Instead, there are certain inherently worthwhile or finally valuable conditions that confer meaning for anyone, neither merely because they are wanted, chosen, or believed to be meaningful, nor because they somehow are grounded in God.

As it conveys these ideas to us in dramatic form, we are absorbed by its own take on the meaning of things.

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The question which foundational theories of meaning try to answer is acommon sort of question in philosophy. In the philosophy of we ask what thefacts are in virtue of which a given piece of behavior is anintentional action; in questions about we ask what the facts are in virtue of which xand y are the same person; in ethics we ask what the facts arein virtue of which a given action is morally right or wrong. But, evenif they are common enough, it is not obvious what the constraints areon answers to these sorts of questions, or when we should expectquestions of this sort to have interesting answers.

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We now turn to our second sort of ‘theory of meaning’:foundational theories of meaning, which are attempts to specify thefacts in virtue of which expressions of natural languages come to havethe semantic properties that they have.

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Accordingly, one sort of approach to foundational theories of meaningis simply to deny that there is any true foundational theory ofmeaning. One might be quite willing to endorse one of the semantictheories outlined above while also holding that facts about themeanings of expressions are primitive, in the sense that there is nosystematic story to be told about the facts in virtue of whichexpressions have the meanings that they have. (See, for example,Johnston 1988.)

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There are really two questions here. One is the question: what does itmean to say that x is a constituent of a proposition? The language ofconstituency suggests parthood; but there’s some reason to think thatx’s being a constituent of a proposition isn’t a matter of x’s being apart of that proposition. This is perhaps clearest on a Russellianview, according to which ordinary physical objects can be constituentsof propositions. The problem is that a thing can be a constituent of aproposition without every part of that thing being a constituent ofthat proposition; a proposition with me as a constituent, it seems,need not also have every single molecule that now composes me as aconstituent. But that fact is inconsistent with the idea thatconstituency is parthood and the plausible assumption that parthood istransitive. For discussion of this and other problems, see Gilmore(2014), Keller (forthcoming), and Merricks (forthcoming).