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As Plato, Descartes, and the creators of The Matrix express in their writings and movies is the possibility of a person’s senses being deceived as there is no proof that the five sense of the person’s body is not being altered as the senses are all processed within the mind.

David Icke's Children of the Matrix and my late friend and one-time writing partner, Max Skousen's, A Blessing Hitherto Unknown (Vol.

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In the Roman era, Aphrodite became Venus, to whom the rose was also sacred. It was also in Rome that the ancient expression, sub rosa, ‘under the rose,’ originated, referring to the ancient custom of hanging a rose over a council table to indicate that everything spoken was to remain secret. This custom may have derived from an ancient Egypt image of Horus, the divine son of Isis, called Harpocrates by the Greeks, sitting within a rose with his finger to his lips, ordaining silence about the mysteries.

Pagan flower festivals were soundly denounced when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Church Fathers regarded roses as damnable, because of their association with Venus, and even banned them from graveyards. The festivals continued in Germany for a while after, with the rose-garden (or rose grove) being identified with the mountain of Venusburg, and witches came to be called “visitors of the grove.”

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The Goddess and the Rose

As well as being a symbol of mystical union, the Rose is particularly associated with the numinous beauty of the goddess and the love her presence evokes within the human heart. It was the most revered flower in ancient Egypt, sacred to Isis herself. Petals, whole flowers and wreaths of roses have been found heaped upon the oldest tombs in the pyramids. The famous Latin work, Metamorphoses or the Golden Ass, by Apuleius, is an allegory of the trials of an initiate, Lucius, (Light) who seeks liberation from his unfortunate transformation into a donkey. He is finally initiated by Isis himself and returned to his human shape by virtue of her roses.

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Alexander the Great was said to have brought roses to the West, and they can be discovered in profusion in the mythology of classical Greece. Hecate, goddess of the crossroads and the underworld was sometimes depicted wearing on her head a garland of five-petalled roses. Roses are particularly associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. One legend tells that the first roses sprang from her tears while another says that it was a gift for gods to celebrate her rising from the sea. Yet another story goes that the rose was originally white, but became red when the goddess pricked her feet on the thorns as she sought her slain lover. In Rome, an effigy of the goddess Cybele, known as the Magna Mater, (Great Mother) was celebrated by being carried in procession covered with roses. A Greek legend tells that it was Cybele herself who created the rose, as she was jealous of Aphrodite and wanted to make something on earth more beautiful than her in their rivalry for Adonis. The priestess of Aphrodite wore wreaths of white roses, and the paths of her sanctuary were strewn with roses.

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This concept becomes anthropomorphic with the arrival of Maya as Goddess.
From my mid-teens I had a thorough intellectual understanding of "maya" -- largely gained through a study of Comparative Religions.

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So Mary became the Mystic Rose, just as she had become an image of the Grail. One legend goes that the Archangel Gabriel wove 150 roses into three wreaths for Mary. Red roses became the symbol of Mary’s sorrows, as they had once been for Aphrodite, only now the reason given was that drops of Christ’s blood spilt upon a thornbush. White roses signified Mary’s joy, and the golden rose her glory. So similar were these devotions to the pagan goddess of old, that in 440 C.E., Isidore of Pelusium warned: “We should really be more careful in marking the difference between the heathen Magna Mater and our Magna Mater Mary.”

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I particularly enjoyed the chapter on "control, free will, and causal determinism."

The Gospel Reloaded plumbs the depth of spiritual meaning in the The Matrix from the standpoint of Christian teachings and values, but incorporates tie-ins with other pop culture archetypes and philosopher thinkers, including Joseph Campbell, John Woo, and Anime.

The first eight chapters comprise "Level One," and is entitled, "The five-sense conspiracy." I can't recommend this book enough -- it's not about the movie, but it provides a strong model, a framework, into which you can begin to understand how the Matrix could have gotten constructed in the first place.