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(2) Why do we garden (what are we looking for in the art-- the pastime, the pleasure, the challenge, the satisfaction, the escape, the sanctuary-- of gardening)?

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I believe in his egalitarian treatment of everyone despite race, creed or appearance. He never pre-judges. Before I had him, I considered myself “street smart,” avoiding eye contact with people I didn’t know or didn’t think I wanted to know. Running through Chicago neighborhoods with Duncan has changed all that. Now when people smile at us, I smile back, and if Duncan stops to say hello I stop and greet them, too.

Later, God promised Abraham that through him and hisseed all the nations of the earth would be blessed (Genesis 22:17-18; Galatians3:16).

This was all happening, it should be noted, on the same day that the Senate was preparing to confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Less than twenty-four hours earlier, the upper chamber had confirmed Betsy DeVos, Trump’s controversial pick for Secretary of Education. Although both confirmation battles had been hard-fought and bad-tempered, the Administration had won. But, rather than ballyhooing these victories, Trump was busy riling up judges everywhere, and attacking an upscale department-store chain that dates back to 1901.

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So while the public watches Trump churn through White Housestaff members, his Administration is humming along nicely in fillingfederal judgeships, with the enthusiastic assistance of the Republicanmajority in the Senate. The first and most important victory for thePresident came with the confirmation of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, ina seat that Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, the Republican leaderin the Senate, kept vacant for nearly the full final year of BarackObama’s Presidency. But McConnell didn’t just protect a Supreme Courtseat for the next President; he basically shut down the entireconfirmation process for all of Obama’s federal-judgeship nominees formore than a year. It’s the vacancies that accumulated during thistime—more than a hundred of them—that Trump’s team is now workingefficiently to fill.

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But, blue slips or not, Trump is poised to reshape the judiciary in anotably conservative direction, even if he doesn’t get any moreappointments to the Supreme Court. Even in the best-run White House(which this one, clearly, is not), the President’s staffers come and go,but a President’s judicial appointees preside for decades. And, by thismore important, if less publicized, measure, the Trump White House isdoing just fine.