Education is never ending process…

It would appear that the lack of education is a major problem in the world.

Educated Persons Help in Progress of Country

Today, secondary schools graduates who are not opportuned to afford a post-secondary education are indolent, thereby, contributing nothing to the positive turn around of the national economy, which is an impediment to the objectives of the curriculum.

There are many reasons why it is essential that everyone obtain a broad education.

It is the most important possession a person must have.

Using new techniques to improve productivity: Education is essential to incorporate new techniques to improve the productivity of the employees. For instance, if the workers are not educated, they cannot use the machines which would help to boost the production. In other works, you have to be knowledgeable and skilled in a particular stream to perform various tasks in the modern world. Farmers should also update their knowledge about the new methods of irrigation to make agriculture more effective.

Many people do not understand why there is so much emphasis placed upon obtaining a good education.

Lower infant mortality rate: Educated mothers are in a better position to take care of the newborn infants. They consume nutritious food and supplements for the child so that he or she is born healthy. Mother listens to get doctors advice and gets her kids immunized to prevent the occurrence of life-threatening diseases. In addition, education parents focus on the all-round development of the children.

education is everything that you need in life it provides a world to be a better place.

The Importance of Education to National Development – Conclusion

In order to eliminate much of the racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice that arise due to ignorance, it is necessary to look at education from another perspective: one that encourages togetherness and development alongside people of all races and genders....

What does education provide for us.

Although many young adults have the full opportunity to attend college, many students do not have family support or feel a sense of self confidence to be able to complete school and further their education....

How important is education in today’s society.

Education is a must for every living being. In today’s world, education has become a need. It is true that there is no life without education. Well thanks for providing us a short and sweat essay on such a great topic.

This article is good an makes me to know the value of education!

Without education, one couldn’t achieve big in his/her life. I’m not talking about the education you take from schools or college. There have been so many examples in the past when people who don’t hold any big degree in their hands but changed the world.

Importance of primary school in Nigeria Education

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What is the history of traditional education in nigeria?

According to the IES National Center for Education Statistics the average cost of tuition in current dollars at all universities in the 1990-91 school year was $6,562, it nearly tripled to an average cost of $17,143 by the 2008-09 school year....