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sash is green, it indicates that the color is a symbol of whimsy

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The “seven knightly virtues” were symbolized in a knight’s equipment. The spurs represented courage – the term for becoming a knight is “to win your spurs.”

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Dress and come along;let her stay."When they had gone, she went to the bird and said, "O BirdVerdeliò, make me more beautiful than I am!"She became clothed in a sea green dress, with so many diamonds that itblinded you to behold her.

Gawain took up his shield seeking out for the Green Knight and faced the tradition culture with ..

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In Germany, the rose belongs to the dwarves and is under their protection. In many places it is customary to ask permission of their king before picking lest one lose a hand or foot. In the famous story of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty’s father plucks a rose for his daughter which angers the Otherworld denizen of the land.

In the Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, the heroine, Janet, plucks a ‘double rose’ at the well of Carterhaugh and attracts the attention of its Guardian, Tam Lin. Once a human knight, this young man had been held in captivity in the faery realm by its queen.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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