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Then I discovered that the painting was called “Tax Collector” and made by Titus Kaphar....

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A primary source of the tools on exhibit are those collected by the Jonesport Wood Co., Liberty Tool Co. (located across the street from the Museum), and the Hulls Cove Tool Barn since tool collecting began in 1970 in and near New England shipbuilding communities. Specific significant tools with special characteristics and/or tool manufacturer or maker's signatures collected during the last four decades were then loaned or donated to the Davistown Museum when it was founded in 1999 to form the core of its current collection. More recently, donations and loans from other collectors have allowed the collection of The Davistown Museum to become among the most important in the United States. Particular emphasis has been put on the chronological documentation of tool manufacturers in New England and Maine.

Then I discovered that the painting was called “Tax Collector” and made by Titus Kaphar....

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French collector Jean Mennerat was the first to describe the manuscript in detail in a publication in 1992 - the single existing manuscript of the Chapais text today is part of the in Kornik, Poland.

The Davistown Museum exhibition An Archaeology of Tools interprets the European settlement of Maine and New England through the medium of hand tools, always for archaeologists among the most revealing of the accidental durable remnants of ancient peoples. Occasionally, interspersed within the tool collections recovered by the Liberty Tool Co. for the Davistown Museum are artifacts dating prior to the European settlement of North America. The history of the Ancient Dominions of Maine is the history of two cultures, the Native Americans who lived in Maine before 1600 and the Europeans who gradually cleared the landscape of these first inhabitants after 1600.

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Since some of the tools recovered by the Liberty Tool Co. in southern New England and Maine were manufactured during the historical interregnum (1676-1720), when no tools were being made in Maine. They are cataloged in Historic Maritime I if appearing to be made before 1700 (always a guess); otherwise they are listed in Maritime II. An example of this is the Jo Fuller (Providence RI) rounding plane (ID: 31102T1).

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With all this being said I believe Miranda’s relationship with Clegg is of great significance, as it brings a whole new aspect to the storyline, brings new issues to life and allows previously unnoticed similarities between the characters to transpire. Without the addition of G.P to the mix, the character of Miranda would have never been the same, as in fact Miranda embodied a large part of what G.P stood for in life. So with no G.P, the character of Miranda that helped make the book such a success could never have been constructed, and the significant issues which these characters helped to portray could never have been challenged in the same way. Although the character wasn’t present at the forefront of “The Collector’s” storyline, G.P certainly did have a significant impact on the way it was constructed.

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Are there any novels or other forms of art that remind you especially of The Collector? How are these other sources similar to, or different from, Fowles's novel?

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The self proclaimed humanitarian defines the strikers, and by extension the working class, as weak and helpless, in need of their mass numbers to rise against their powerful oppressors, the privileged contractors and architects in need of their labor and skill, but unwilling to share in the wealth generated by the collective creation....