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We fool ourselves into thinking we are living a life of integrity simply because we lack a culpable action. Though our culpability is invisible, we still must accept responsibility for what we do not do--particularly when we know, in our hearts, that something must be done, must be said. Whether out of fear or just plain procrastination, we must accept responsibility for what we do not do.

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Unless I take the first action step, the journey doesn’t begin.... In reality, all I need [to be a writer] is a ballpoint pen and a place mat or the back of a dry cleaning receipt... and the faith to stop procrastinating and take that first step in crafting an essay or article.

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Morita Therapy offers principles and practices that address procrastination head on. We have developed a rich collection of resources that can help, related to the following themes: clarifying purpose, coexisting with feelings, distinguishing between important and urgent, goals and priorities, self-discipline, getting started, taking risks, how we change, accomplishments, obstacles, taking action, and breaking habits. We invite you to explore our site and begin to live the life you dream of living.

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