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Nevertheless terrorism definition is universally hard to define (Brown, 2008).

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In this essay, Walzer talks about different reasons that people would want to resort to terrorism.

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The United States needs to be concerned about terrorism to prevent tragedies like 9/11 from happening again, to address problems with domestic terrorism, and to improve homeland security....

Terrorism is not necessarily a new phenomenon and it will never be removed from society.

The evaluative meaning of “terrorism” has shiftedconsiderably more than once. So has its descriptive meaning, but to alesser degree. Whatever else the word may have meant, its ordinary useover more than two centuries has typically indicated two things:violence and intimidation (the causing of great fear or terror,terrorizing). The dominant approach to the conceptual question inphilosophical literature reflects this. Terrorism is usually understoodas a type of violence. This violence is not blind or sadistic, butrather aims at intimidation and at some further political, social, orreligious goal or, more broadly, at coercion.

It has been said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

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Nicholas Fotion also uses a wide definition of terrorism. He, too,is a consequentialist (although some of his remarks concerning theinnocence of many victims of terrorism might be more at home innonconsequentialist ethics). But he finds standard consequentialistassessments of terrorism such as Nielsen's too permissive. Ifsome types of terrorism are justifiable under certain circumstances,such circumstances will be extremely rare. Terrorists and theirapologists do not perform the requisite calculations properly. Oneproblem is the “higher good” to be promoted by terrorism:more often than not, it is defined in ideological terms, rather thanderived from settled preferences or interests of actual people. But forthe most part Fotion discusses the issue of means. If a terrorist actor campaign is to be justified instrumentally, it must be shown (1)that the end sought is good enough to justify the means, (2) that theend will indeed be achieved by means of terrorism, and (3) that the endcannot be achieved in any other way that is morally and otherwise lesscostly. Terrorists not only, as a matter of fact, fail to dischargethis burden; Fotion argues that, with regard to terrorism thatvictimizes innocent people, it cannot be discharged. All direct victimsof terrorism are treated as objects to be used—indeed, used up—by the terrorist. But

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Those who consider terrorism from a consequentialist point of viewdiffer in their assessment of its morality. Their judgment on terrorismdepends on their view of the good to be promoted by its use and ontheir assessment of the utility of terrorism as a means of promotingit. There is room for disagreement on both issues.

Essay on Terrorist Attacks in Paris

One might try to justify some acts or campaigns of violence of thiskind in two ways. One could argue that the victims may benon-combatants or common citizens, but nevertheless are not innocent ofthe wrongs the terrorists are fighting against. Alternatively, onecould concede the innocence of the victims and argue that attacks onthem are nevertheless justified, either by their consequences onbalance, or by some deontological considerations.

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Virginia Held operates with a broad notion of terrorism, but herjustification of terrorism is meant to apply to terrorism that targetscommon citizens. Her discussion of the subject focuses on the issue ofrights. When rights of a person or group are not respected, what maywe do in order to ensure that they are? On one view, known asconsequentialism of rights, if the only way to ensure respect of acertain right of A and B is to infringe the sameright of C, we shall be justified in doing so. Held does nothold that such trade-offs in rights with the aim of maximizing theirrespect in a society are appropriate. Yet rights sometimes come intoconflict, whether directly or indirectly (as in the aboveexample). When that happens, there is no way we can avoid comparingthe rights involved as more or less stringent and making certainchoices between them. That applies to the case of terrorismtoo. Terrorism obviously violates some human rights of itsvictims. But its advocates claim that in some circumstances a limiteduse of terrorism is the only way of bringing about a society wherehuman rights of all will be respected.